5) Return to Monkey Island

Starting off with a recent release and a return of a classic series. It’s funny, it’s charming, the artwork is quirky and I loved every second of this silly tale of a mighty pirate searching for the SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND after only finding a T-shirt the last time. Ron Gilbert takes the reins of the series once again after something like 30 years and it’s brilliant. If you’ve not played this, or for some reason have an aversion to point and click adventures, grow up and play this smartly written immature game.

4) High On Life

An even more recent game and it is great. It’s a refreshing shooter that allows you to just chill and shoot things with no real depth and that’s just perfect. This game has come out at a stressful time of the year and we all need a game where guns constantly talk to you and judge every move you make to hilarious effect. You play as a random teen who witnesses an alien takeover and finds a sentient gun called Kenny. You then become a bounty hunter on alien worlds. It’s rife with Justin Roiland humour so if you don’t like Rick and Morty or Solar Opposites then this isn’t for you. Otherwise play this and go in with a “this is a basic game” mentality and you will have a lot of fun.

3) Evil Dead: The Game

Alright you primitive screw heads, grab your chainsaws and 12″cobalt blue steel top of the line shotgun and get ready to kick some deadite ass…or be the deadites and kill the fuck out of the humans. Bruce Campbell reprises his most famous and well loved role multiple times in the 5 on 1 game as well as a tonne of original actors from the entire Evil Dead franchise, including the under rated Evil Dead remake (which if you hate then you hate good horror). The graphics are gory and polished, the game is full of references with DLC on the way. It’s a love letter to Evil Dead…admittedly I would’ve preferred a full on single player experience but this is still awesome and worth your time.

2) Pocky and Rocky Reshrined

This is a top down “remake / reboot” of the Pocky and Rocky series. You play as a young girl or a Tanooki raccoon throwing leaves, cards and enemies and picking up power ups as you go. It’s hard as nails and CO-OP which is fantastic. This will tickle your retro gaming fancy and it’s cute as all hell with a 16-bit style in a modern look. Just play it.

1) IT’S A DRAW – Lego Star Wars and TMNT Shredder’s Revenge

Oh man these games are great, Lego Star Wars is a remake of the original Lego games that changes the style of game ever so slightly and adds a tonne of content and unbelievably beautiful visuals. It’s wicked fun and CO-OP. Then we have the excellent Shredder’s Revenge for those beat ’em up fans out there. You would be remiss for skipping this one, it’s so so good. The controls are tight and the visuals are ace with the old school arcade stylings. If you’re a fan of the Turtles all your favourite characters are here and you can play as CASEY JONES!! Need I say more.

Worst game of 2022 – Alan Wake Remastered (Switch version)

GOD FUCKING DAMN IT THIS COULD’VE BEEN AMAZING! But nope, we got a shitty port to the Switch and it looks worse than the Xbox 360 version…not even kidding and in docked mode it runs like ass. Handheld is fine and worth it if you’re travelling because the game and story itself are amazing. Straight up my favourite game of all time usually but this port…this port man just needs to be “updated”, and by “updated” I mean switched out for the 360 version of the game..

Written by Stuart.

Edited by Alexx.