“TMNT: Arcade Wrath of the Mutants” taps into the nostalgia of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, drawing inspiration from the Nickelodeon series that aired about a decade ago. It’s a classic arcade-style beat ’em up game, easy to pick up and perfect for a quick session of couch co-op fun. However, does it deliver enough punch to justify its price tag? Let’s dive into the details.

Visuals and Style

One of the game’s standout features is its art style, which faithfully replicates the look and feel of the Nickelodeon series. The characters are vividly brought to life with unique animations and designs, ensuring that each turtle stands out during gameplay. The attention to detail is further enhanced by a series of nostalgia-evoking Easter eggs and references, which will surely delight hardcore fans of the franchise.

Gameplay Mechanics

“TMNT: Arcade Wrath of the Mutants” is straightforward, making it accessible for gamers of all ages. Each turtle offers

unique movement and combat styles, adding a layer of strategy despite the simple controls. The game is laden with fun power-ups, like the shell spin attack and the Turtle Power, and includes guest appearances from series favorites like Metalhead and Leatherhead, adding to the excitement and variety.

However, the simplicity of gameplay is a double-edged sword. The game is incredibly easy, even on harder difficulty settings, allowing players to continue immediately after dying. This significantly reduces the challenge, as all boss fights can be reduced to repetitively mashing buttons to achieve victory. This might be perfect for younger players but could disappoint older fans seeking a challenge.

Content and Length

One of the most significant drawbacks of “TMNT: Arcade Wrath of the Mutants” is its length and depth. The entire game can be completed in about an hour and fifteen minutes, and there’s little else to do beyond adjusting the difficulty settings. For a game priced at £20, the lack of additional modes or content feels like a missed opportunity. It feels more suited as a DLC for the Cowabunga Collection than a standalone title.

Character Design and Voice Acting

The redesign of classic characters like Bebop and Rocksteady has received mixed reactions. Their new appearances are a departure from traditional designs, which might be refreshing for some but jarring for others. The voice acting also adds a layer of inconsistency; while Gilbert Gottfried’s involvement is a highlight, other performances seem lackluster, with some turtles sounding as though they’re fulfilling a contractual obligation rather than bringing their characters to life.

Narrative and Presentation

The story is another area where the game stumbles. It only becomes apparent towards the end, culminating in a hastily assembled slideshow that feels incomplete and poorly paced. Repetitive voice lines throughout the game, like the overused “Booyakasha,” can also detract from the experience, though they might bring a smile to younger players.

Overall Impression

“TMNT: Arcade Wrath of the Mutants” is a game that will undoubtedly provide fun sessions for kids or casual play, especially in a co-op setting. The art style, character animations, and nostalgic elements are its strongest points. However, the lack of content, minimal challenge, and some questionable design choices might not sit well with all fans.

Given its brief playtime and minimal replay value, the game feels overpriced at £20. It would be more enticing as a discounted purchase or as an addition to a larger collection. Fans of the series may enjoy a few rounds with their favorite characters, but should manage their expectations regarding the depth and longevity of the gameplay.

Final Rating: 5/10

“TMNT: Arcade Wrath of the Mutants” is enjoyable yet underwhelming. It captures the spirit of TMNT with great visuals and character design but doesn’t deliver a robust arcade experience. It’s best picked up on sale or played as a quick diversion rather than a mainstay of your gaming collection.