Looking for something nice and “relaxing” to watch early this morning? Well luckily for you, Josef is streaming some Crash Bandicoot footage as he tries to reach 100% completion on each game. Including all of the gems, relics and hidden bonuses he needs to complete. We will be making sure everyone is aware of our streams more often in the future via this post format. So you shouldn’t have to worry about seeing all of your favourite games broadcast live across the world.

To go watch the game head on over to the link bellow or by clicking here.


Keep an eye open for any more streams in the future. If you’re interested in the N Sane Trilogy you can read Joe’s review over here!

N. Sane Trilogy is a collection of remasters of the first three games in the Crash Bandicoot series, Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back and Warped, which all feature Crash Bandicoot traversing various levels in order to stop Doctor Neo Cortex. Like in the original games, Crash uses spinning and jumping techniques to defeat enemies, smash crates, and collect items such as Wumpa Fruits, extra lives, and protective Aku Aku masks.

The trilogy adds new features across all three games, including unified checkpoints, pause menus and save systems, including both manual and automatic saving, time trials, which were first introduced in Warped, and the ability to play most levels in each game as Crash’s sister Coco.It also features high-definition 4K resolution and remastered audio and cutscenes, featuring newly recorded dialogue from past voice actors from the franchise.