A few nifty new announcements for VR owners made up most of Sony’s first ‘State of Play’ broadcast.

Ever wanted to fly the Iron Man suit? If yes, then Marvel’s Iron Man VR may be up your alley- it puts you inside Tony Stark’s famous suit, complete with your own virtual FRIDAY to assist you on your heroic deeds.

A new title, ‘Ready set hero’ is coming to PS4 proper soon- it’s a cute 4-player dungeon crawler of type ‘Diablo meets Animal Crossing’ with a twist- it’s 2 pairs competing to see who can grow more powerful in a shorter period of time, with each dungeons ending in a duel. With split-screen play, it’s designed as a fairly enjoyable-looking party game.

No Man’s Sky is expecting a large update soon; this update, titled ‘No Man’s Sky: Beyond’ features new game content and PSVR support, and is completely free for NMS owners.

Fans of horror might be surprised to hear news of ‘Five nights at Freddy: Help Wanted’, a VR adaptation of the popular jumpscare engine coming soon to PSVR- the game supposedly both adapts levels from the original game series as well as presenting ‘All-new nightmares’.

‘Mortal Combat 11’ and ‘Days Gone’ received new story trailers, with the reveal of Liu Kang, Kung Lau, and Jax, Mortal Kombat fans can rest easy that their fan favourites are coming back. Meanwhile, ‘Days Gone’ actually managed to impress me- the story and human characters may indeed prove engaging, and the reviews are one to watch.