Having been shown at Square Enix’s press conference at E3 2018, the newest trailer got an extended feature, looking at the main plot points for Sora and Riku, including the announcement of a Ratatouille world!

The trailer begins the exact same as the previous trailer shown at Microsoft’s press conference yesterday, albeit with new dialogue and story details, such as the reveal of Xigbar’s return, and Xemnas admitting that they’d want Roxas back too, presumably for their own nefarious needs – Twilight Town has now been corrupted by Heartless running rampant in the alleys and streets of the once beautiful town, with a large swarm of Shadows chasing Hayner, Pence and Olette – The three make their way to Namine and Ansem’s mansion in the woods, where they intend to investigate the data Ansem the Wise stored on Roxas.

The trailer ends with Axel (Lea) and Kairi sitting on a rock in a grassy hillscape looking over the emergence of night – Possibly somewhere around Daybreak Town, as featured in Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover.

Other than that, however, there was sadly not a lot new in this trailer! Hopefully we see more at Sony’s conference.