Final Fantasy VII is back.

“After 22 years, the familiar characters we love have returned,” Yoshinori Kitase, the remake’s producer, stated. “We estimate two Blue Ray’s worth of game content.”

The Midgar section alone is described as ‘a stand alone game in its own right’.

Full Gameplay was shown, with Cloud and Barret fighting the Scorpion Sentinel after placing charges on the Sector 7 reactor. This mode showed off a bar called ‘ATB’ – Active Turn Battle.

The ATB bar fills up over time, and when full, allows one to access ‘Tactical Mode’, allowing specific action selection from a an old-school drop menu whilst in slow motion.

Abilities and spells can be bound to shortcuts, to avoid the slow motion if desired.

Players can switch between characters with a button press, and have different abilities. Only players can use ATB charcters.

Materia appears to be visible on weapons, and the environment may be utilised in battle.

A remake of the battle theme – and Sepiroth’s theme – also appeared during the presentation, sounding very faithful but with an awesome twist.

The game had a playable demo on the E3 floor, allowing for early access.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake presentation ended with a trailer showing Tifa and Aeris fighting, and Sepiroth.

Two special editions were also revealed. The title will release 03/03/2020.

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