I write to you from a creaky chair, in a dark wood as the wolves howl in the distance…… No I don’t, I’m sat on the sofa with the radio on having just finished a cup of tea. As I gear up to jump on our spooky Dead by Daylight stream (found below) I think to myself, why is there so much build up for this one day of the year? Strap yourselves in because even I don’t know where I’m going with this one.

It can be comparative to Christmas but….at least that ends with time off work, presents and the best meal of the year. And you know I guess that also celebrates the birth of some famous bearded bloke. Halloween is 1 day where the only thing really celebrated is kids actually being allowed to take candy from strangers, which is completely unacceptable the other 364 days of the year. I’m not saying I don’t like Halloween, I love spooky games and horror films but honestly I don’t get why there’s so much hype around this day? I walked past a house earlier that had ghostly bunting and couldn’t help thinking, what the hecking heck!! I’m not writing this to be angry, no far from it given the great entertainment experiences I’ve had from the spookiest day of the year. I just don’t get how 1 day that’s only really about free candy has become such a phenomenon, especially within ‘our’ community.

Is it because it’s a good reason to get the slasher movies out and reinstall Dead by daylight?

Is it because the fun summer is over, even though none of us really went outside as much as we should have, and actually October is a bit of a shit month so thankfully we have this little thing made huge, to bridge the gap between Autumn and Christmas? (I think to myself why is there nothing in Jan or Feb as they’re way worse) . I’m telling you folks I don’t know. did Halloween inspire dozens of movies and TV shows or is Halloween a big dal because of all of these shows and movies? I know that as an actual event it dates back to religious practices where people spent the day warding off ghosts, whilst dressed up, so isn’t it odd (like many other traditions) how an old timey religious event has meant we all basically waste our money?

Again I’m not angry about these things, I love ghosts, zombies, vampires and sweets. But I still don’t really get it, just like I don’t get how I’ve already seen loads of Christmas decorations out and about. Perhaps I’m just getting old……