With Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice releasing in just over a month, From Software’s President – Hidetaka Miyazaki – announced that the studio has two unannounced titles currently in development; with Bloodborne 2 seemingly hot on everyone’s wishlist, we’ve decided to pool our speculations and hopes for these yet unannounced games… Will it be yet another ‘SoulsBorne’ title? A spiritual successor to Dark Souls? Something related to Sekiro? Or perhaps something totally unexpected…


So I wouldn’t say I’m as much of a die-hard FromSoft fan like Luke is, but it’s safe to say I enjoy pretty much all of their games… But I haven’t played them all. I’ve played every Souls game except Demon Souls, Bloodborne and Metal Wolf Chaos, and that’s pretty much it. But when it comes to my predictions I’d have to say Bloodborne 2 is pretty much in the bag at this point. There is just no way that they’re gonna let a game with such a following just be its own thing. People are practically frothing at the mouth for it and even initially hated the idea of Sekiro even being a thing because it wasn’t Bloodborne 2. This may be a stretch for my next one but I remember browsing around 4chan a whole lot before Sekiro was announced, and pretty much every thread about FromSoft’s new game was saying it was going to be either Kuon or a spiritual successor to it, and I was actually hoping for that as well… So I’d like to think Kuon is also pretty likely.

Here’s a “prediction” that only a dumbass like me would want though. A new Metal Wolf game. I would scream if they announced a new one with a much more topical take on its political story. Oh and bigger dumber robots… And keep the horrible voice acting.


It’s come to our attention that one of FromSofts upcoming titles has been leaked and I think Bloodborne fans will be well pleased. Take a look now!

I literally can’t even right now.


Hello! I automatically assumed someone would mention me here, and it seems I was right. My best guesses for this in honesty is that FromSoft will probably bow to the intense pressure (And guaranteed money) and announce a second Bloodborne game to be released 2021.

Secondly I think it will be a new Armored Core title will probably be announced, as that shit prints money for FS in Japan.


From Software have a winning formula with the SoulsBorne series, something that Sekiro clearly aims to expand upon, but I think we’re at the point where, to the outside viewer, they start to blend together. Whilst we as very savvy gamers know that Dark Souls is a twisted version of traditional High Fantasy, Bloodborne is Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror, and Sekiro is a take on Japanese Mythology, to the wider gaming audience they might not seem so distinct – Especially when you compare Sekiro to games like Nioh.

…And so, while I’m assuming one of these games is Bloodborne II, I would like to see FromSoft take a different aesthetic route with the other. No more swords and magic, no more cathedrals and giant tooth monsters.

I’d like to see them have a crack at a modern or science fiction setting. Something creepy and modern, akin to their take on Prototype, or perhaps a snarky “No, this is how you do it” version of the disappointment that was The Surge.

If FromSoft want to avoid falling into the shadow of their own creation, it may be time to try something completely different.