It’s that time of year, we’ve all drawn our Secret Santa names, some of us might have people we barely know… Or maybe you need a present for someone who has everything they could want. Perhaps you’re still looking for some stocking fillers… Don’t worry! Here’s some of my favourite things I have found whilst Christmas shopping this year (not sponsored, literally just stuff I like).

First place I head to is Firebox. If you haven’t been on Firebox before, you definitely need to check it out. There’s loads of different stuff on there for all sorts of interests, but these are some of my favourites.

So they have a range of Marvel’s Avengers mugs on the site – You can pick up a stylised mug version of one of yours or your giftee’s fave superheroes to sip your tea out of… But my absolute favourite out of all of these mugs has to be this gold infinity gauntlet mug! It’s just amazing!

For the gamer in your life, why not pick up one of these adorable little retro pocket games consoles with 150 games included! There’s a few of these to chose from on the site, so you can pick and choose or mix and match for the perfect Christmas day fun.

…Or how about this awesome David Attenborough colouring-in book for the nature nerd in your life?

Firebox has a ton of other stuff as well, from Harry Potter to Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones and more – I almost guarantee you’ll find something for everyone at Firebox! There’s also a ton of unicorn stuff and loads of mythical themed gins and rums that I can personally vouch for, and confidently say they’re extra tasty and sparkly.

Now onto some other websites!

Perhaps you have a scientist in your life, and you’re not sure what to get them? Or perhaps you know a health care worker or a teacher? For those people, I would highly recommend the Giant Microbes website, where you can get giant viruses, bacteria or STD’s! These are brilliant and would make a hilarious stocking filler!

Another good site to get a bit of shopping done is IWOOT (I Want One Of Those) – For example why not check out this cute little smart phone projector for the film and tech savvy person in your life?

Available at:

…Or how about these laser tag guns for the friends among you who reckon they would survive the zombie apocalypse just fine, or fancy themselves a bit of a COD marksman?

Available at:

IWOOT also has plenty of Harry Potter, Marvel and Star wars items to choose from, so you’ll be sorted no matter their preference or interest!

I’d also recommend Etsy to find a brilliant nerdy gift! Etsy has tons of talented artists selling stuff across many many fandoms! You can find a present for almost everyone there!

Lastly, why not get yourself or your friends an awesome Respawning T-Shirt?

Happy shopping, and merry Christmas!!

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