Oh my god Samurai Jack has a new game coming to all major consoles this summer, from the trailers its a 3D hack and slash with awesome animated cut scenes, I for one can not wait…as I said in one of my Bear’s Den videos I would love to see Afro Samurai on the switch this looks like it will scratch that itch.

From what we can see in the trailer Jack jumps through time in an attempt to stop the evil Aku, bringing guns with him whilst wearing feudal japan samurai armour as well as his in the distant future swinging his sword at robots and mutants, the visual design is just beautiful with bold colours and a perfect 3D rendition of our hero.

“time has lost it’s effect…” on jack and he’s got to get back.

IGN was first the break the trailer check it out at the top of the article.

Stuart (CODENAMEBIGBEAR) Fitzsimmons