So recently the kids have been playing this new and interesting genre of games called Battle Royale, and it’s pretty much taken the world by storm.

My first introduction to this genre in any kind of media had to have been the film Battle Royale directed by Kinji Fukasaku, and since then I’ve always been interested in it. There really is something super cool about dropping in, gathering resources and fighting for survival with a mix of luck and skill. It’s exhilarating.

For a short while, the game everyone was talking about was PUBG which was a horrible mess that I hate and will never support… Then came this little niche game that not a lot of people have heard about, and it’s still not talked about as much due to the small group of people who actually play it. A game called… Fortnite.

Sarcasm aside, I haven’t seen a more popular game that’s taken the world by storm this hard since Minecraft. If your game has the same amount of YouTubers catering to its audience of children than it does horribly animated porn, you know you’ve struck gold. I actually really love Fortnite and still play it on occasion, but I understand why older audiences are put off by it. It’s a little weird, especially the whole building system, but the amount of effort the team puts into all these cool events and random things happening around the always changing map is really something to appreciate.

Now, here comes Apex Legends; a pleasant surprise from the boys over at Respawn, the developers of Titanfall and the always amazing Titanfall 2, and I believe they were working on Titanfall 3 before Apex Legends showed its ugly mug and got it fucking cancelled… But that’s another rant for another article because in actuality Apex Legends is pretty damn great – Everyone knows that by now because of how many goddamn players it has. On February 12th the game reached 25 million players, and it launched on the 4th of February… So if that doesn’t tell you how fucking big this game is I don’t know what will.

But now the concern is whether or not it’s going to completely shatter Fortnite; you can already see memes floating about how Fortnite is offering a free Battle Pass, and trying it’s hardest to keep its players and all of that is pretty funny, but you gotta understand a game as big as Fortnite doesn’t just die like that; much like how Minecraft still isn’t dead, it’s just been less talked about. Fortnite is here to stay, and it’s because when the new hotness comes out, everyone goes away from the thing they were previously playing. If they love the new shit, then they stick with it, and if they don’t, they just go back. Apex Legends has for sure taken out a huge chunk of Fortnite’s player base, but I don’t think they’ve straight up performed highway robbery as some people claim.

The game I do think Apex Legends absolutely murdered, however, is Call of Duty’s Blackout mode… But to be fair that thing hasn’t been talked about since it even came out, so this really doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Regardless of where your Battle Royale loyalties stand, I can safely say that you are all wrong and stupid if you’re not playing Tetris 99. Thank you.