Even though Death Stranding is coming out this year among a bunch of other games, I haven’t been more excited for a game since Devil May Cry 5 than World of Horror.

World of Horror is a game that seems too good to be true to me, at times because it’s just a huge amalgam of shit I really like. It’s a Junji Ito-inspired rogue-like turn-based RPG with consequences based off of your choices and multiple endings. Oh, and there are Old Gods and stuff too.

The game has a beautiful one-bit art style that looks something right out of the pages of Uzumaki, and a pretty nice chiptune soundtrack to boot. I’m just surprised not a lot of people even know about it because I feel like it deserves way more recognition.

There’s so much to the game that I don’t even understand yet because I’ve only played a tiny demo that you can check out here:


There’s even a sanity mechanic as well as some shit where the world around you changes based off of your actions. I believe the game intends to have a high replay value because of this; the puzzle solving seems fun and interesting but nothing too crazy and the turn-based combat is kind of unforgiving and gives you a shit-ton of options to play with.

And the crazy thing is it’s all made by one person!

It’s a game I have a lot of faith in and I think it really deserves a lot of support so it can be the best it can be.

You can check out the trailer for the game here to get a better understanding of what the hell I’m even talking about because at this point I’ve just been rambling about how cool this game is.

It’s coming out for PS4, PC and Switch hopefully within this year and I can’t be more excited to check it out.

You can check out the website and the developer’s Twitter here for updates for new demos and other cool things:


Look forward to whenever I get to review this amazing game and picking it apart for all it’s spooky secrets.

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