As the snow begins to fall, and the temperature outdoors plummets, many of us brave the chilly winter in search of that perfect gift for your loved ones… This year, we’ve decided to take some of the hassle out of your hunt, and have compiled our definitive Christmas shopper’s guide to find that perfect gift, either for yourself, a fellow gamer, or for someone in your family who just can’t put down that controller…

To make things even easier, we’ve handily split up our list into four easy to navigate price categories:

  • Stocking Fillers – Items between £1 and £15.99 to really pad out that stocking…
  • Mini-Gifts – Items between £16 and £30.99 to put under the tree, to surprise and enthral…
  • Mega-Gifts – Items between £31 and £60.99 to showcase, front and foremost, under that festive foliage…
  • The Big Ones – Items over £61 with no price limit – Especially great if you’re really looking to spoil and splash out…

We’ve even split these gifts according to gaming platforms, being Nintendo SwitchSony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, to sweeten the deal and make your search all the faster… I would also like to state that this article is not sponsored in any way, shape or form by any of the retailers or brands shown below.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

Stocking Fillers – Between £1.00 & £15.99


If you’ve got a hardcore Nintendo fan that you’re trying to fill a stocking for, then look no further!

Numskull Joy-Con Grips

To start, our friends over at Numskull have their own range of Joy-Con grips for portable play, perfect for titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Shovel Knight, or even for standard use with titles like Mario Party! These high-quality grips will run you £12.99 for a pack of two, making it a great gift to give alongside a Nintendo Switch to really get the family playing together… Just don’t blame us for any Mario Kart-induced arguing!

Keten Nintendo Switch Carry Case

Wether you’re buying a Nintendo Switch for yourself, a relative or a friend, it never hurts to give a little extra something to help them take care of their new hardware – Enter Keten’s Nintendo Swtich carry case; a personal favourite of mine, this nifty little case will hold the majority of the Nintendo Switch’s controllers, cables and chargers, including up to 19 game cartridges! This carry case is a must-have, in my opinion.

Numskull Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Case

A little bit of a cheating entry here, as it also fits Sony’s Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 controllers, and Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers… However if you’re buying a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for a loved one, then you want to protect it. Thankfully Numskull is here with a masterfully crafted carry case that will protect your shiny new controller from the harshest of bumps, drops and accidents! The case is also brilliantly on-brand with Nintendo’s own branding, and will look near-official sitting next to the rest of your Switch gear.

3 Months of Nintendo Switch Online

The one thing you’ll want to avoid on Christmas Day, when that special someone powers on their Nintendo Switch to eagerly get stuck into a game of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, is the dreaded notice of “No Online Subscription” – Prevent all of that drama by pre-purchasing a 3 Month voucher for Nintendo Switch Online to tuck away in that swollen stocking…

Numskull Multi-console Headset

With Nintendo’s less-than-traditional approach on in-game communication, you’ll need a headset that can not only work via the Nintendo Switch Android & iOS App, but also on the Nintendo Switch itself! Look no further, as Numskull have your answer right here…


Don’t let your PS4 fans feel blue this winter… Get that Sony fan of yours the perfect stocking filler!

Numskull Sony Dualshock 4 Controller Case

Exactly the same as Numskull’s Nintendo Switch Pro Controller carry case… But in a sleek and stylish blue; if anything it’ll definitely take away those Christmas blues!

£10 or £15 PlayStation Store Credit Codes

Simple, sweet and to the point!

Numskull Sony Stocking Filler Selection

As there’s such a diverse range of smaller official merch, we’ve decided to collate them under one entry! Having been working with Sony for a number of years now, Numskull has an extremely varied range of smaller true stocking fillers to pad out that sack!

Official Sony PlayStation Branded Drinking Glass & Branded Metal Coasters

Know someone who just can’t help but cover everything they own in O, X, ▵ & ⯀ ‘s? Complete their Sony-themed set with the perfect drinking glass to accommodate them during their gaming adventures… And while you’re at it, why not get them matching metal coasters to really sweeten the deal?

Numskull Sony PlayStation Game Box Tower

If you’re getting someone a shedload of games this Christmas, or know someone who can’t help but scatter their collection haphazardly, help them gain some order in their lives with this compact, stylish game box tower!

PlayStation Plus 1 Month Subscription

Similar to the Nintendo Switch’s Online service requirement, PlayStation also requires an online subscription to play online with friends and other gamers from around the world – Avoid that Boxing Day stress and negate any tears over not being able to play with friends by buying a 1 month subscription card.

Numskull Sony Branded Socks

Nobody wants to get cold feet when they unwrap their new console and games… Suit the occasion with a pair of official Sony-branded socks, straight from Numskull!


Got an absolutely obsessed Xbox fan who just won’t miss that next Halo match? This may help you in your quest to pad out that green stocking of theirs…

Numskull Xbox One Controller Case

Exactly the same as Numskull’s Nintendo Switch Pro Controller carry case… But in Green! What’s not to love?!

3 Months of Xbox Live Gold & £10 Xbox Live Marketplace Credit

During the Christmas period, Microsoft have a rather attractive offering of 3 Months of Xbox Live Gold and £10 credit for the Xbox Live Marketplace for £14.99 – Considering 3 months of Xbox Live Gold normally costs £14.99, you’d be mad to not dive into this deal!

Halo Mythos: A guide to the story of Halo

There’s no denying that Master Chief is one of Microsoft’s biggest brand pushers, and as such, has a massively complex story to delve into, spanning over 7 games – Help your loved one/s get a head start on that epic tale by getting them this definitive guide to the story of Halo.

Halo Master Chief Ceramic Mug

…And while you’re at it, why not get them this matching mug to really help them begin the fight?

Numskull Rechargeable Battery Packs

One of my personal gripes with the Xbox One controller is the reliance on batteries and lack of proper charging options – Thankfully for you, Numskull are here to supply a workaround; their powerful rechargeable battery packs will keep you in the game, even if you just keep the charge cable in!

Mini-Gifts – Between £16.00 & £30.99


The Nintendo Switch is host to a range of great games and peripherals between the £16.00 to £30.99 range… Here’s some of our favourites.

Crash Bandicoot: N’Sane Trilogy

The orange marsupial that helped to define the late 1990’s has finally made his reappearance on Nintendo hardware! This package contains all 3 of the classic Crash Bandicoot games on Nintendo Switch – A must have for any platforming fan! Check out why we gave it such high praises in our review.

Just Dance 2018

If there’s one thing funnier than getting up and dancing (…And possibly singing) to classic 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s albums, it would be somewhat tipsy would be even better…! Have a blast with the family this Christmas with some of your favourite songs.

Minecraft (Nintendo Switch) – Bedrock Edition

There’s no denying that Minecraft still remains as a cultural phenomenon, with kids and adults alike all enamoured with the title – Purchase it on Nintendo Switch to provide them with an on-the-go building experience like no other!

Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Starter Pack

Starlink took us by storm this Autumn, surpassing our expectations in our review for the game – Provide your loved ones with an interactive toys-to-life experience like no other!

Rayman Legends

Similar to Crash Bandicoot, Rayman was also integral to defining the late 1990’s – Now, his latest title, Rayman Legends, is available on the go, making for a perfect partner to the N’Sane Trilogy.

Rocket League – Physical Collector’s Edition

Don’t let the title of Collector’s Edition scare you away… You definitely get a bang for your buck with Rocket League! One of gaming’s most popular pseudo-sports titles available, the port of Rocket League performs near-perfectly, and is just as fun to play on the small screen as it is on the big one.


Sony’s PlayStation brand is host to a wide array of excellent titles and merch – So much so that we may have gone a bit wild here…

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

I sense a theme here… First Crash Bandicoot, then Rayman… And now Spyro! Grab his latest remaster, containing all three original games upscaled with modern graphics and audio to complete the classic collection! Check out our review for Spyro’s Reignited Trilogy.

Grand Theft Auto V

Despite having released a decent while ago, Grand Theft Auto V still stands as a must-have title for mature gamers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – Ensure they experience one of the best games of this generation by putting it under the tree!

Sonic Mania Plus

The definitive edition of the best Sonic game in modern history… What’s not to love? Have a blast to the past this Christmas with this absolute gem of a title.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege has reached a large scale of success in the current gaming market, and as such, is a highly beloved game and one well worth picking up – Make sure your loved ones don’t miss out on one of the best competitive shooters of the year by getting them this!

Tekken 7

Is your loved one more of a fighter than a marksman? Well, why not give the gift of whooping their backside in a match of Tekken to burn off some post-turkey calories? Trust me… The tension gets you all kinds of sweaty.

Ratchet & Clank

Whilst the remaster of Ratchet & Clank does have it’s problems for long-time fans, newer fans, and most importantly, kids, will adore the new direction – Even as fans of the series, we still had a lot of positives to say in our review. Buy them kiddos both young and old one of the best platformers on the PlayStation 4.

The Witcher 3: Gold Edition

Now from one of the best platformers to one of the best RPG’s (Role Playing Games) – The Witcher 3 is legendary for its size, quality and enjoyment; so much so that, like Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3 is an absolute must-own for any gamer.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Finally we have what many would consider to be the best exclusive PlayStation 4 title – Similar to The Witcher 3, this RPG will last your loved ones hours upon hours in a beautiful scenic world filled with many varieties of interesting mechanical beasts to conquer.


It’s not just Sony’s PlayStation that has great games; no, the Xbox is home to some blummin’ amazing titles and merch – Check them out below!

Forza Motorsport 7

Starting off with one game that our resident ‘Speedyboi’, Ben O’Brian, has been wanting for a while – Forza Motorsport 7 brings realistic racing to the forefront of Xbox’s lineup with the latest iteration in the Motorsport franchise – If you’ve got a loved one who’s always wanting to be in the driver’s seat… You can’t go wrong here.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Diving into the ancient sands of Egypt, Assassin’s Creed: Origins twists the traditional Assassin’s Creed formula in such a way that it creates one of our favourite Assassin’s Creed titles in recent memory – Find out why in our review.

Monster Hunter World

Being Monster Hunter’s first game on home consoles since Monster Hunter 2, Monster Hunter World celebrates the series’ history and innovates with an extremely accessible and large-scale monster-slaying experience!

Watch Dogs 2

Our next entry is another excellent game we reviewed a decent while ago – Watch Dogs 2 expands upon the systems and mechanics of the first title without requiring players to have played the first Watch Dogs – Just don’t be worried if your loved one spends more time in front of a green screen full of code going forwards…

The Crew 2

Similar in design to Forza Motorsport 7, The Crew 2 innovates upon the first title with the introduction of aircraft and seacraft, making for an amazing all-terrain racer – Another game Ben’s been interested in for a while, you’d be mad to miss out on getting this for the petrolhead in your life…

Mega-Gifts – Between £31.00 & £60.99

If there’s one thing Nintendo is known for, it’s quality, and it shows from their system’s games through to their merch! Take a peek at some of the more premium gifts you can pack that stocking with!

Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Sweater

Despite being a SEGA icon, Sonic’s just as recognisable with Nintendo, given his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and with Sonic Mania Plus having launched on the Nintendo Switch – Let the Blue Bomber get rid of your Christmas blues with this fitting design!

Nintendo Pro Controller

The Nintendo Pro Controller is one of the comfiest, most stylish controllers currently on the market, and is a must-own for any hardcore Switch fan – Enchance every experience with this extremely high-quality controller from Nintendo.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Being the culmination of all of Smash’s history, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an absolute must-have for any Nintendo Switch owner – Spanning dozens upon dozens of franchises, and with 72 unique fighters, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will last your loved ones months upon months; many more if you count the duels you’ll be having in couch co-op!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The de-facto Nintendo Switch title, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is an absolute blast to play with family, friends and even strangers! Expanding upon Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is quite possibly the best Mario Kart title to date.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey introduces over 10 years of charm to create one of the best 3D Mario titles to date – Explore a variety of diverse and vast kingdoms and explore fresh new mechanics in an absolutely gorgeous 3D world! This one will especially keep your little ones entertained for weeks!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Moving from multiple kingdoms to one gigantic one, Breath of the Wild spins the legendary franchise in a new direction, playing more with physics and open world survival rather than standard dungeons – We’ve already sung so many praises to Breath of the Wild – Don’t believe us? Check out our review.


Sony is great to buy for at any price point, but where it really shines is within this bracket – Take a look at their best of the best below…

Fallout Christmas Sweater & Glow-in-the-dark Enamel Pin Set

What’s hotter than sitting by the fireplace to warm up your cold feet after a long day of playing in the snow? Radiation! This Fallout Christmas sweater! Guaranteed to be totally free of all radiation, this lovely sweater sports a festive Pip-Boy to remind you to have an awesome Christmas. Matching it with the added Fallout Pip-Boy Enamel Pin Set just sweetens the deal…

Street Fighter Christmas Sweater – M.Bison & Blanka

Numskull is back with yet another knockout Christmas sweater – This time featuring the titular Street Fighter characters Blanka and M.Bison – They even share the same Christmas colour palette being green and red respectively… It’s like it was made to be…

PlayStation Pink & Grey Sweaters

Who said you couldn’t look pretty in pink? Boys and girls alike, sport your love for Sony this Christmas by donning this wonderful sweater! Maybe if you mash ⯀ you’ll get more presents… A similar Sony PlayStation Sweater also comes in grey, for those of you with more neutral colour palettes!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Providing the most up-to-date competitive shooter experience on the market, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 provides mature gamers with a diverse range of modes to enjoy, alongside what may be perhaps the most refined Battle Royale experience currently on the market.


Currently heralded as one of the most popular eSports FPS titles on the market, Overwatch and it’s Pixar-like charm brings a more friendly, yet just as rewarding FPS experience – Still being supported and updated to this day, Overwatch is here to stay… Hopefully it won’t stay in your cart for long, however!


The PlayStation and Xbox brands have always been parallels of eachother… And that even runs through to their ideal price points! Here’s their ultimate selection below:

Master Chief Christmas Sweater

Staring off our Mega-Gifts Microsoft section, we have… Yet another sweater! Featuring the iconic mascot Master Chief, this warm little number will keep your loved ones warm this Christmas during their space-faring adventures!

Red Dead Redemption 2

Quite suitably for the Christmas season, Red Dead Redemption 2 will see your loved ones trudging through snowy peaks, dry plains and boggy swamps in an authentic Wild West rendition of America – Heralded as one of the best releases of this year, if this game isn’t on their wishlist, it should be!

Battlefield V

From the most realistic rendition of the Wild West to the most realistic rendition of World War 2, Battlefield V brings gamers a beautiful and brutal look into the war, whilst also bringing a satisfying multiplayer experience.

Forza Horizon 4

Bringing the Forza franchise to the United Kingdom for the first time, your lovable petrolheads will be able to explore the majority of the UK in all of it’s beauty – Innovating upon the previous Horizon entry, Forza Horizon 4 is quite possibly the best in the series, so far.


FIFA 19 will, undoubtedly, be high up on your loved ones’ Christmas lists… And for good reason! This critically acclaimed sports title brings a wide variety of players, teams and stadiums from across the world into one heck of a love letter for Footie fans. Why not sneak it into their stocking..?

The Big Ones – £61.00 & Above


Nintendo Switch Console Bundles

Starting off with a big one here! The Nintendo Switch is an absolutely marvellous console, and one that I’ve personally spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours on; why not give the gift of portability this Christmas with one of the above bundles?

Nintendo Switch JoyCons

Got more than one loved one that you’re buying for? Ensure that they don’t miss out on those co-operative experiences by buying an extra set of JoyCons! We’ve listed the most popular colours above…


Sony PlayStation 4 (Base Model)

There are a wide array of different bundles and storage options for the base PlayStation 4’s – Despite the Pro being out now, there’s still more than enough reason to dive in for a base unit; PSVR works perfectly well and games still look great! Take a look at some bundles above!

Sony PlayStation 4 (Pro Model)

Has your loved one got a 4K TV? One with HDR? Trust me… Take the plunge and get them a PlayStation 4 Pro! Games render at much higher qualities, have higher frame rates, and even makes PSVR run even smoother… What’s not to love?!

PlayStation VR

PSVR has been out for a decent while, and like a fine wine, it’s gotten better with age! The unit is easy to set up in any moderately sized front room or bedroom, has a wide array of games, and performs excellently on both base PS4’s and PS4 Pro’s!


Xbox One

The Xbox One console is one of the most powerful console brands in the modern market, and as such, is surprisingly accessible – Give your loved ones one of the best console experiences in the market this Christmas!

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is to the Xbox One what the PlayStation 4 Pro is to the PlayStation 4… Just turned up to 11! The Xbox One X is the most powerful gaming console on the market today; if you really want to impress your loved ones this Christmas, this is the gift to give.

…And with that, we’re done! Let us know what’s on your Christmas lists, and what you got for Christmas after the big day in the comments section down below!!