A week ago Javier got an exclusive look at new Pathfinder Kingmaker – Console Release which is coming to Xbox and PS4 on August 18th.

Key Notes from the video are as follows:

  • The developers ( Owlcat Games ) had always dreamed to bring this game to as many people as possible
  • Thanks to a modder they were able to bring turn based gameplay to the console release, you can switch freely between RTS and turn based
  • There are all new remastered interfaces for this version
  • Whilst you fight the turn based mode gives you more of a chance to look at extensive data on enemies
  • It took about a year to rebuild this game, this was mostly down to adding turn based mode and adapting the game to a gamepad
  • The content and full story/DLC is the same as the PC version. 
  • All of this will be made available for free on the PC version

Keep your eyes peeled in August for our full opinion on the console release! I know I’m excited to give it a go.