He’s ex-talon and looking to pay back for the things he’s done.

Hot off the heels of the release of Overwatch’s take on the city of Paris, a new playable character has appeared in the form of Baptiste. Baptiste was born in the Omnic crisis, and became orphaned at the hands of an omnic soldier. Having grown up in squalor where he’d steal to avoid starvation, he eventually signed up with the villainous Talon organization as a foot soldier (not unlike the ones we gunned down in their hundreds during last year’s ‘Retribution’ event).

Fast forward to the present day, and Baptiste has defected from Talon in search of a more noble fight, promising to hand out justice and assistance as needed. Whilst his abilities are currently unknown, the catchphrase “Some need a bandage, others a bullet” has lead to speculation that he will be a combination between a support hero and a DPS hero.

As always, Baptiste has been given an awesome origin trailer, which you can watch below.