Last week on consoles we saw the new hero Sigma released into play! I’ve been spending last week making use of the no limits gameplay mode in Overwatch arcade to both play as Sigma and work out who I can use to counter him.

Sigma is Overwatch’s newest shield tank hero of Dutch origin. He’s a brilliant astrophysicist that suffered psychological damage from an experiment gone wrong, and now he is under the control of Talon. What makes him a little different is that his shield is very dynamic – You can put it anywhere you like, even hovering in the sky.

This is great because you can use it to stop those pretty aggressive Pharah ults. You can also withdraw it and replace it instantly, which is awesome because it means you can quickly move it in front of any enemy wherever they have moved. His main attack, for lack of a better description, are two exploding bouncy balls. These projectiles are pretty cool as well, they will basically ricochet off a wall, which if angled correctly could cause devastating and sneaky damage.

Your other power is the ability to absorb incoming damage and convert them into shields. Lastly he can pick up a huge ball of debris and fling it a short distance at the enemy. For his ult, Sigma messes with gravity over a reasonably large area, almost the size of an entire capture point; it basically lifts everyone up into the air and then brings them smashing down – It can be pretty devastating. Now that we know Sigma a little better let’s talk about how we can counter him.

1) Sombra

This is a pretty standard shield Hero counter. If you’re a good Sombra player, you can get up behind Sigma, block his abilities and then take him out; he has reasonably low shield protection for a tank, so it doesn’t take too long at all.

2) Zarya

Zarya’s beam can get past his connecting grasp, it also zaps his health pretty quickly in the games I’ve done, and I’m a terrible, terrible Zarya player. I really suck.

3) Moira

Moira I main currently; I have found that she zaps his shield’s health really quickly – She is also able to get past his kinetic grasp! She can also zip out of his ult, avoiding any damage which is pretty cool.

4) Symmetra

Same as above, Sym’s turrets slow you down, so for an already slow moving tank he’s almost stopped; her beam also bypasses his kinetic grasp.

5) Mei

Mei’s freeze gun freezes Sigma really quickly, and as he’s a relatively low armoured tank she can make quick work of him. Alongside putting up walls to block him and his slow movement, Mei’s freeze gun bypases his Kinetic grasp.

6) Tracer

Sigma’s slow movement means that Tracer players can easily zip around him and cause chaos. Unable to keep up, Tracers can make real quick work of Sigma.

7) Reaper

Reaper is able to zoom through his shield and whip around him doing so much damage. Again because he’s a low health tank he’s pretty much wiped out by Reaper’s shots

8) Doomfist

If you’re a good Doomfist player, Sigma is no problem. He’s unable to block your melee attacks and getting up in his face confuses this low moving tank.

That’s it, all the heroes I have discovered so far that are really good counters to Sigma and why. Let me know if you find any other good ways to get around this new hero!

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