After a couple of sessions with the most recent PlayStation Plus offering and no small amount of accompanying alcohol, a few of us wanted to get together to talk about how we found First Class Trouble.


My favourite moment in ~Among Us~ First Class Trouble came when I watched Lance murder someone while I was upstairs, to which I then shouted out that Lance was the murderer. Upon shouting this, Lance proceeded to straight up murder me as I continuously shouted ‘Alexx, Lance is murdering me, he is the robot’ until I died.

When the airlock voting round ended and the time came to vote out who we thought was a robot, it turned out a drunken Alexx had basically not listened to my screams at all and just joined in with Lance to vote out an innocent human player. At the start of the next round, Lance immediately murdered Alexx too.. Justice!


I’m entirely blaming my old friend, alcohol, for this: At the end of a match which I had happened to survive I learnt that I had been the robot the entire time and must have not been looking at my TV when the game informed me I was at the beginning. I have been having far too much fun approaching random strangers to give them surprise cuddles from behind, though one time their friend then grabbed me from behind while my cuddle partner turned and strangled me to death. Good times!

I’m also a huge fan of the ragdoll physics and that just by tapping triangle you push over whoever is in front of you, often sending them flying through the air. I lost track of the amount of times Luke would follow me around just to push me as soon as I was at the top of a flight of stairs. It never stopped being funny for either of us.


I haven’t had this much fun bottling people since my trip to Glasgow. That’s by the by though, my highlight from our sessions on this robotic murder fest was when, as a group, we managed to successfully find the 2 robots early into the second round. Of course this success came with the loss of Alexx to murder and Lance to being stupid enough to walk into fire but whatever. Me and Luke were riding high on our incoming victory, however then I found and equipped a unicorn inflatable ring… Thinking it would be fun I dove into a nearby pool and immediately began drowning, I begged Luke to come save me with a life ring, but he chose to test his own buoyancy and found out right quick that he was actually just drowning faster, that’ll show him for not wearing a unicorn floatie…


My personal highlight would be my successful murder spree. In which, I was tasked as a robot to either make it to the final round or simply murder the entire crew of passengers. The only slight hitch in the entire plan was my memory. I totally forgot who the other impostsr was with me and proceeded to murder anything that moved with a poisoned syringe, including my fellow robot team mate. Ultimately this ended with my victory, and hilarity on realising that I’d managed to completely dumfound the other players by going on a one man/robot killing spree, completely missing the point of the game. Still, a wins a win, and I’ll take that!

First Class Trouble is currently free to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4 and PS5, and has cross-play enabled. We recommend giving it a go, and the fact most rounds are over in under 15 minutes mean there’s not much of a time commitment required to see if you enjoy it or not! Let us know in the comments what you thought of your time with it and thanks for reading.