Recently their has been a whole host of news centered around online abuse, If only 5 people read this and get my point…..that’s ok. I’ve decided not to write about video games or nerdy TV this week and instead write about why online abuse enrages me so much!

The most recent news event being Wyatt Russell giving up social media because people were giving him too much abuse because of his portrayal of Captain America…..when he’s playing a different character (US Agent in case you don’t know). Not only does this enrage the nerd in me because people simply don’t know their shit but it also enrages the human inside of me because it simply isn’t ok to give an actor abuse just because you don’t like the character they’re playing, it’s not ok to abuse anyone because you don’t like something in a TV show, or for that matter anything at all. The thing is if you don’t like his character, he’s doing the job well, BECAUSE HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE THE MAIN FUCKING VILLAIN. I simply don’t understand getting so angry over a character like US Agent, or TLOU’s Abbie, these are simply actors doing jobs to entertain us, there’s no need to be so fucking nasty and send death threats. Honestly what’s wrong with you.

If you want to abuse true villains like murderers or rapists, please go ahead as those people fully deserve it. If you’re just looking to get some rage out play a violent video game or go for a run (trust me it works) but please don’t abuse anyone who’s simply trying to entertain us. Social media should be about sharing opinions and creating large SOCIAL communities, not slating someone until they feel depressed. I know this sort of thing will continue but as we’re starting to certain football clubs block social media accounts due to abuse, I believe we’ll see more control of what’s said online. I fully believe in free speech but not if that speech is simply going out of your way to hurt someone who’s done nothing wrong.

Enough is enough