As a dedicated fan of the Lord of the Rings franchise, my passion knows no bounds. From immersing myself in the books to exploring every video game adaptation, I have left no stone unturned in my pursuit of Middle-earth magic. So, when Magic, the renowned trading card game, announced a full Lord of the Rings set, I knew I had to have it. Little did I know that this innocent decision would awaken a newfound addiction within me.

I started my journey by purchasing a modest starter pack—a £20 treasure that I intended to display proudly on my wall, nestled within a beautiful book. Little did I realise that this would only be the beginning. Opening those packs sent a surge of endorphins coursing through my brain, captivating me in their grasp. I was hooked.

Driven by an insatiable desire to expand my collection, I scoured the vast realms of the internet in search of more Lord of the Rings cards. Though each booster pack carried a price tag of £6.50—a far cry from the £2 packs of the old “back in my day”—I simply could not resist. The allure of the artwork, the subtle changes, and the intricate details on each card compelled me to amass as many as I could.

Rationalisation became my trusted ally in this pursuit. I convinced myself that these cards would surely appreciate in value over time, just as I had believed with my comic book collection for the past two decades. Yet, despite my conviction, I have never found the heart to part with my cherished comics. Perhaps it is the sentimental value they hold or the sheer joy they bring me, but the thought of selling them feels like a betrayal. Will the same fate befall my growing collection of Lord of the Rings cards?

One cannot deny the artistic brilliance found within the Lord of the Rings cards. Each card is a work of sublime beauty, capturing the essence of Tolkien’s timeless world. The attention to detail, the mastery of color, and the careful crafting of each scene make these cards a visual feast for the eyes. It is this very artistry that fuels my desire to possess and treasure them.

Collecting has become more than a mere hobby; it has become an integral part of my identity as a Lord of the Rings enthusiast. Just as the characters in the story embark on epic quests, I embark on my own quests to acquire and preserve these precious cards. Each addition to my collection brings me closer to the heart of Middle-earth, enriching my connection to the beloved tale.

In the end, it is the unquenchable passion of a fan that drives the collector within me. The Lord of the Rings cards have stirred an addiction that refuses to wane. I find solace in the belief that, someday, my collection will be more than just a testament to my fandom—it will be a treasure trove of memories, a valuable piece of history. Until then, I will continue to seek out these cards, captivated by their allure, and forever bound to the enchantment of Middle-earth.

Written and edited by Luke.