Not too long ago I was still absolutely frothing at the mouth for some kind of new Death Stranding news. Not only do I love Kojima games but I adore pretty much every single trailer he’s ever put out. They’re so well done that I can even show them to my non-gaming friends and they’d go like, “Holy shit is that the Walking Dead man with a tube baby?!”

Trailers for the game have been pretty sparse ever since the announcement and every trailer to come out has left us more and more confused – Now looking back at all the trailers we actually did get we sure did get a shit ton… And yet it feels like we barely got anything because we were always just left confused and wanting more.

…Well, recently the release date trailer for the game came out and boy is it the best kind of information overload… Because I still don’t understand shit!

That’s a lie, everyone who got a look at this trailer finally understands what’s going on in some form, and I think after so many trailers of absolutely nothing this is the final one we need. I think now that we know it’s coming out on the 8th of November, and that most importantly, the tube babies are called BBs, we can finally sleep at night and just wait out the release. We get to learn a lot of things in this trailer to be fair; we know what characters are bad guys, good guys and who’s in the middle. We get to learn some of the terminologies and you get to see combat!

The main thing that interested me in the trailer was obviously Mads Mikkelson, who is probably the coolest looking character in the game because he’s Mad’s fucking Mikkelson. It’s clear that his character has some kind of link to the past, because he’s mostly in scenes where old WW2 trenches and relatively old looking military vehicles are forming out of thin air… And it’s clear that he wasn’t always this weird supernatural soldier man.

Speaking of the past I also have a feeling that Bridge Babies are going to also somehow link people to the past because of some dialogue here and there in the trailer.

Anyways I’ve rambled on enough about this game and I don’t want to embarrass myself if I get something wrong so I’ll play it safe. I just want there to be no more Death Stranding news now – The hype train is at its absolute peak now, and I feel like a trailer that wasn’t as good as the one we just got can hamper that. Stay sexy Kojima; I can’t wait for November.