I’ve got to a point now in my life where I’ve realised that Ubisoft are my favourite publisher, although games like Dark souls and The Last Of Us are some of my favourites there’s no denying the sheer amount of top quality games that Ubisoft put out – this was made even more apparent to me when I was double checking the games they’ve been responsible for over the years. With Watch Dogs Legion & Valhalla set to end our year with a bang, and Farcry 6 set to start next year (and the next gen) with undoubtedly another big bang I’ve decided to look back over all the years as a fan of Ubisoft and list my favourite games, so join me in the coming weeks as I approach number 1! I always get excited to talk about their games as you know you’re going to get something that’s at least an 8.5/10, a world you can simply have fun in, or get lost in. So without further ado here is 15 – 11..

15) Ghost recon wildlands

Although I didn’t play this game all the way through it left an impression on me (I mean it’s 15th out of all the Ubisoft games ya know!). I don’t play a lot of the shooters Ubi puts out, or any for that matter, but this is one of the best and most fun that I’ve played. I loved that this was set up like a GTA but with slightly better combat and more…..tactics, although we’d usually just go in guns blazing! What I really loved was how well the coop gameplay worked, you could all bring different elements to your attack to bring down the bad guys. I also thought the variety of missions was enough to keep you going, especially with the mix of stealth and explosive gameplay. Quit simply it was just good old fashioned coop fun, where if you wanted to fly a helicopter into a mountain you could! Just a bit of a shame it’s sequel was so lackluster…..

14) The Division 2

Following on the theme from Wildlands, and the last tactical shooter on the list, is The Division 2. This one I actually played the vast majority of this one and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought that putting in damage points and gear upgrades was a nice touch and the idea of making your way around the map to complete missions was really quite cool. You can top this off with some more great coop gameplay and some intense boss battles. I don’t know why I never finished the game but it gets a place in my list.


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Do ya remember this one!? What.A.Game! I remember at the time just getting completely lost in this cleverly designed world, that used cell shaded graphics to make the PS2 essentially look a lot better than it was. It had an amazing Bourne-esque story line and was one of the first games I remember really giving me a choice between stealth and action. Awesome art style, gameplay, story and voice acting! I am so happy we’re getting a remaster of it this year.

Red Steel 1

Red Steel (Wii) - Mission #1 - Bloody Sunset - YouTube

Best games on the Wii? I think so. This game was everything I was hoping for when the Wii promised motion controls, sword swinging and gun’s blazing your way through a very arty and violent world. Although the motion controls weren’t ‘perfect’ they weren’t far off and really did make me feel like I was slicing people’s heads off. What was even better was the ronin type of story line about a disgraced samurai (or something it’s been a while), I just remember having a tonne of fun and this being the standout wii game. I hope something like this comes out on Switch.

Assassins Creed Syndicate

Assassin's Creed® Syndicate on Steam

My lowest Creed game on the list, but this is mainly down to me not remembering a great deal of the story. However I loved that there were 2 playable characters, new detective elements of gameplay and of course the awesome Victorian London setting; Oh and there were some awesome ties to the war. This creed game really showed what else could be done with the assassin format. Of course adding in everything Victorian-y and London-y was always going to be a winner!

So concludes my first 5 entries in my top 15 Ubisoft games of all time, come back next week when my list continues.