It’s 2021 and 2020 is finally over but it looks like we are in for much of the same this year! However I have made some gaming resolutions this year that I plan to stick too! In fact I made 5 gaming resolutions and I plan to list them here JUST FOR YOU!

In absolutely no particular order here are my GAMING RESOLUTIONS FOR 2021

5. Spend more time playing games online, with people I like.

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I spent a lot of 2020 playing games offline and feeling lonely and sorry for myself so the first of my resolutions for 2021 is to ensure that I spend a bit more time online speaking to people. We STILL cannot go outside and meet friends for a beer or to do anything fun in the outside world so I will make the best of this situation and instead spend some time playing with my friends and checking in on people!

4. Spend a bit more time streaming games I like to play…

Demon's Souls on PS5: What's changing for the remake - Polygon
Is this the end? My only friend, the end!

With that in mind! I want to stream the games I am playing online a bit more. I see a lot of people having lots of fun watching other people play games like Overwatch, RB6 Siege and Squadrons so I would love it if I could help add to the fun people have watching others play by streaming myself.

I will most likely keep this to the above 3 games for the first quarter of this year until the next relevant “big thing” comes on and you can hope to see me absolutely smashing that on our YouTube and Twitch channels.

My niche of games that I will spend time streaming in 2021 is going to be prioritised around Souls games, JRPGs and Horror titles! So if any games in these genres piques your interest be sure to let me know!

3. Don’t buy every single game in a PlayStation/Steam store sale… I have 150 unplayed games

I don’t have any money… okay one more game.

Luke, be honest with yourself… can you really add another 200 hour JRPG to your list of unplayed games? I know it’s only £6 but do you have the time? Maybe play something you already own first?

That’s my big one for 2021 and this leads quite nicely into…

2. Don’t start something new until I am finished with what I have on

“Luke, you have HOW MANY unplayed games?”

STOP STARTING NEW GAMES. My list of unfinished titles became absolutely huge in 2021 as every new thing came along and I started it. There are a BILLION games coming out every year at the moment and try as I might I will never be able to finish them all.

So I am going to spend less time trying to play every game of every genre ever made and instead focus on finishing games I enjoy.

Some of these unfinished titles I was having loads of fun with and stopped playing it for something where I felt like I was just going through the motions… which leads me onto my final point.

1. Stop spending time on games I am not enjoying.

Marvel's Avengers
The real disaster of the Avengers is our invisible loot.

Quite a few games I finished in 2018, 2019 and 2020 were games where I just felt like I was going through the motions and didn’t really have fun doing and could have been playing some of the games I was loving instead, with some of these titles being upwards of 50 hours of my life spent just going through the motions –  I am looking at you Ghost of Tsushima.

So my main resolution of 2020 is to stop playing games I am not really enjoying. It’s okay not to finish every single story if I don’t like the game. There is so much out that I absolutely adore and never finished that I need to warrant the stoppage time in my own mind.

So that’s my gaming resolutions for 2021! Do you have any gaming resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!