I’m not usually a massive fan of DLC, especially when it’s announced before the game has even been released… It usually feels like a cash grab from developers rather than a legit extension of the game, but every now and then some DLC will be released that reminds me how effective it can be when it’s done right… And Spider-Man is the perfect example of this.

At the time of writing this I am still only on Chapter One: The Heist, and I have been told that it’s the most boring one out of the three chapters… And if that’s the case then I’m very excited for what’s to come as I am enjoying the hell out of this DLC! If you want to follow along with my Spider-Man DLC playthrough then make sure to subscribe to the Respawning YouTube channel and make sure you have notifications on so you don’t miss a minute of my Spidey adventure.

What I really like about about this DLC is that sure, there is an argument to be made that it could had just been included as part of the game, but did the main game really need it? Not in my opinion. The main story is already a perfect length and never outstays its welcome; if you were to shoehorn in these extra stories, then I can’t help but feel like the whole thing might just feel a bit bloated… So having these side stories as DLC is a perfect decision by Insomniac. If like me, you finished the game and still craved more then the option is there at a reasonable price, and if you’ve had your fill of the web slinger, then you aren’t going to be punished for missing out on any major plot points… Though again it’s worth mentioning that I am still on Chapter One, so I am yet to find out if the DLC story will play a major part leading into the inevitable sequel.

As much as I am enjoying this DLC, it probably won’t be enough to change my general opinion on the way it’s usually handled by most developers. I have lost count how many times I have been burnt by bad DLC releases; as a big fan of pro wrestling games, I have seen this happen on a yearly basis with 2K Sports’ WWE series. Every year they make a big deal of their roster reveal, only to keep ten to fifteen of their main characters locked behind a pay wall, add that to a pay to win accelerator, and add a new moves pack every year, and it really feels like I have to pay twice if I want the full game. Don’t get me started on WWE 2K17 when they were actually shameless enough to lock the ongoing Hall of Fame story mode as paid DLC. Many other developers are guilty of this; mention EA and DLC in the same sentence to any of your gamer friends and I promise you they will have their own story of discontent. My best example of this was Star Wars: Battlefront; a game that I was more than likely going to purchase until I heard about the amount of DLC that I would need to essentially be able to play the full game. No thanks.

Spider-Man is not the only game to get DLC right though, there are plenty of other examples of when it’s been done right. Although I don’t play many RPG games I often hear about how games such as Elder Scrolls Online constantly adds new maps and stories to keep things fresh, and more often than not are great value for money. One of my fondest memories of the first Red Dead Redemption was the Undead Nightmare story; this was another great example of an additional story that you could choose to play if you wanted, and wouldn’t take anything away from the main game if you chose to skip it. Even though it wasn’t really proper DLC, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was a great way of showing how to do a spin off to a major AAA title and how to give fans incredible value for money.

All in all I have not been fully turned around on the idea of story-focused DLC’s, but playing through Spider-Man has reminded me why it can be a good thing… And truth be told, if it’s done like this then I would be more than happy to see more of my favourite games release additional content, as long as it is just that; additional content and not content taken out of the game and locked behind a paywall for the publisher to make more money.

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Can you think of any other examples of great DLC? Let me know in the comments below.