Good time to be a HALO fan who doesn’t own an XBOX

Coming soon to Steam and the Windows 10 store; Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, 4, and Reach. Yes, for real.

You may not remember it, but HALO 2 was on PC, and it was big on PC. But times change, and the servers are no longer online- and it seemed for a time that PC players would never step into Master Chief’s shoes again.

Until now.

Because the master chief collection, released on Xbox One in 2014, will be available on on Steam, but with a twist; the games are not being packaged together at launch, and are instead being released periodically. This is all one purchase, however; players who buy the collection will be given access to it game-by-game, rather than having to buy 6 separate remasters.

The thinking is that players will be able to access each game as and when they are ready, rather than having to wait until all 6 games are complete. ‘Halo: Reach’ will be the first game to release and is coming at some point this year. It’ll include Theater mode and the ever-popular Forge mode, as well as its campaign and multiplayer.

Reach is also coming to Xbox One, and Theatre and Forge modes will be free for all who own the game; the campaign, on the other hand, in its standard and ‘Firefight’ forms, will be available as DLC.

No release date yet! Reach will supposedly be hitting PC within the bounds of 2019, though; so it’s not going to be long.