It’s no secret that an as-yet untitled Avengers game is currently in development, and I think we are all hoping for a reveal at E3 2019. Following the success of 2018’s Spiderman PS4 release (Though I didn’t finish it, but will get back to it at some point), I thought I’d give some examples of potential Marvel franchise games that I would love to see, and who should make them. Here are the best five I could come up with after several bottles of beer and a Marvel movie marathon.

An Antman Stealth Game (Ideal studio – Arkane Studios)

‘A soldier the size of an insect, the ultimate secret weapon’. Those opening words from the first Antman trailer are all I need to hear to know that a game based on the character would be outstanding. Granted, I completely suck at stealth and always finish every mission in Dishonored games on high chaos having butchered every enemy, NPC and wolfhound in the map with the exquisite Void powers the protagonists of the franchise have at their command… But I digress, it wouldn’t be one of the most difficult games to make in my totally inexperienced opinion of game design.. A whole mission could be set in just one room if the developers willed it, though I’d hope they wouldn’t, and it is certainly a game I would be willing to try being stealthy at. Put all memory of the Thief abomination from back in 2014 from your minds, as I’d rather play a paint tasting simulator.

I just want to command my own army of ants, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

A Green Lanturn-esque Doctor Strange title (Ideal studio – Monolith Productions)

Doctor Strange

Now don’t get put off by the DC reference in the idea, hear me out. In case you’re not aware, there was a PS3 game of Green Lanturn (That I played to Platinum) that was bloody brilliant. Sure, the combat was a touch on the repetitive side and the game was pretty short, but we weren’t really expecting fireworks from a DC superhero video game movie tie-in were we?

Imagine if you will, a dedicated team working on a game like that but for the Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Stephen Strange. He might not be able to summon literally anything, but he can certainly conjure interesting weapons and attacks using the Eye of Agamotto that would be an interesting project in the hands of the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor team.

Side note: I have never read any Marvel or DC comics, so referencing them at me in the comments will get us nowhere, though I am always open to a bit of Marvel character back story.

An actually good Iron Man game (Ideal studio – Insomniac Games)

…Granted, I only played the demo of the Iron Man game on PS3, and it was a solid 4/10, mediocre. The basic abilities and weapons wielded by Iron Man, even in his first feature film, would be sure to make any game playing as him truly satisfying. Sega were right to make the maps as big and open as possible to allow as much flying time as possible, but the fact there was absolute shite all between each enemy group made it a boring and tedious flight.

At time of writing, a mere two weeks before the release of Avengers: Endgame, the weapons in Tony Stark’s arsenal are second to none (Except for Black Panther maaaybe), and to have a big open world to blitz around and shell the shit out of his enemies would be so damn cool. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play as a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist, who can fly (That isn’t Batman)

Thanos (Ideal studio – Sucker Punch Productions / Radical Entertainment)

Cole McGrath. Alex Mercer. James Heller. Incredible powers on display from each one of them, that their respective developers used to shape their games around them and cement them in the annals of video game history badassery… To wield the lightning powers of Cole, to whipfisting (Not the most gentle foreplay, admittedly) as Mercer or tendrilling (Also, not gentle) as Sergeant Heller, the powers wielded by this triplex of violence are breathtaking… However, they pale in comparison to the power of an Infinity Gauntlet wielding Mad Titan, Thanos.

I liked what I saw of the planet Xandar in Guardians of the Galaxy, and the eradication of it was conveniently glossed over in the opening of Infinity War, but I for one would have enjoyed seeing Thanos going apeshit and wrecking the place, even armed with just one Infinity Stone at the time.

I’d enjoy even more playing it, or destroying any world for that matter

Watch Dogs 3: Wakanda (Ideal studio – Ubisoft)

The idea for this game (And article) occurred to me during a drunken stupor early one Saturday morning. I like the idea of Watch Dogs 3 being set in Landann (London) as the current rumours suggest, having enjoyed the loyal renditions of Chicago and San Francisco from the previous installments; even if I did give up early into Watch Dogs 2 as there were better games out at the time demanding my attention.

The futuristic technology displayed in Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War would certainly put an interesting twist onto the hacking heavy gameplay, and with a little imagination, any game developer could come up with interesting and innovative gadgets that would make it a joy to play. Personally, I’d like to be able to make enemy guns fire in their hands / holsters to wound and cripple their accomplices.

There you have it, five Marvel games that I would love to see, and who should make them. Do you agree with my ideas? Let me know on Twitter @MaliceVER and follow @RespawningUK too because they’re good people. Also, feel free to check out my YouTube channel, Void Euphoric Records, for all your rap music needs.

I’ve put my preference in an order for the sake of the article but I’m definitely interested if people hold other ideas in higher esteem than the Watch Dogs game I’ve decided to be my first pick. That’s all for now, so cheery bye!