Recently I’ve found myself diving for the TV remote instead of the dualshock or joy-con. I don’t know if this is because all I’m playing is JRPGs and maybe I need something else OR simply because there is so goddamn much to watch at the moment. Right now I’m watching the Snyder cut of JL, a film which I’d never thought I’d see, and this weekend we’re going to see a lot more. Yeh that’s right all of the awesome TV is coming out just as we’re allowed to go outside again….. here’s what I can’t wait for!

Task Master – Out now!

Taskmaster series 11 line-up | Meet the celebrity contestants - Radio Times

I’m assuming everyone in the UK has seen Greg Davies’ and Alex Horne’s master piece by now, if not where the heck have you been! Series 11 (although I thought this was 12) has some absolute power houses such as Lee Mack and Charlotte Ritchie take part in some utterly insane, yet entertaining tasks. This is one of those series where I keep thinking it can’t better, and it just does every time. The last series was easily one of my highlights of lockdown and I can’t wait to see what the celebrity comedians get up to this time.

On channel 4/4oD

Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Out now!

Falcon and Winter Soldier' Is Not Fan Theory Driven Like WandaVision |  IndieWire

After the utter mind bending madness of WandaVision I am so so ready for this seemingly action packed series, Disney+ has proven it can take our favourite franchises and give us series which are arguably as good as their movie counter parts. A part of me is expecting something similar to the Captain America films with this, I could be wrong of course. I’m also very excited about a proper Baron Zemo; I think that Daniel Bruhl is one of the best Marvel villains to date, and he was the mastermind behind the best non Avengers film. I’ve no doubt at all that this series will blow us all away with an equal measure of comedy and action. And of course there will be loads of big MCU set ups/easter eggs/references to keep us super nerds happy 🙂

On Disney+

Line Of Duty Series 6 – March 21

Line of Duty series 6 release date confirmed - Radio Times

This is by far the best cop drama I’ve ever watched, 2 Christmasses ago (the one where we weren’t all forced to choose only 1 family member to spend our day with) we sat and binged the first 4 series pretty much non stop, it’s incredible and THE most addictive twisty series I’ve experienced. Please if you haven’t watched it yet go and watch the entire thing, you will not regret it. Each series has it’s own plot where you follow a division of the police that investigate corruption within the police force, but there is an over arching much bigger and darker plot at play behind the scenes, and very often you can’t predict the way the other ‘baddies’ tie in. I am so ready for more of this complex, fast paced cop drama.

On BBC iPlayer

Breeders Series 2 – March 22

Breeders Season 2 - Cast, Release Date, and more details! - DroidJournal

BREEDERS IS AMAZING. That’s all you need to know. In case you haven’t seen series 1 the series is all about Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard bringing up 2 kids in their own mental way whilst the struggles of life continually challenge them. Normal family life is explore in this clever dramedy which will make you cry both tears of joy and laughter. It feels like a very real look at what parenthood is like and doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to serious story lines, nor laugh out loud manic comedy. This was one of the best series I watched last year and I suggest you go and watch it if you haven’t already.

On Sky/Now TV

Invincible – March 26

Robert Kirkman's Animated Series 'Invincible' Gets Premiere Date On Amazon  – Deadline

Invincible is a very adult comic from Robert Kirkman, the mind behind The Walking Dead. Now I don’t know a great deal about this but it looks like it’s going to be very much like the comic, lots of animated adult comic fun. I just think it looks awesome!