So how about that Loki finale, huh? I have a feeling we are going to see the ripples from that episode constantly over the next 10 years and it also explains why we haven’t seen sweet F A from any movies bar Eternals and Black widow…

Now that the Loki series has broken the timelines and given way to an infinite number of possible Marvel universes converging on the MCU, I thought it was high time to list my top 5 Marvel Universes of all time!

Oh and to keep it interesting… I won’t be including 616 here and also if you expect to see the Ultimate universe on this list… Take a look at my next list of the top 5 worst Marvel Universes…

5 Earth 2149: The Marvel Zombies Universe.

Suck it Rick Grimes

This is probably quite a controversial one to include in the top 5 list as each Marvel Zombies story has been slightly worse than the last one. However, I am a huge sucker for zombies and whenever people say they have zombie fatigue I just don’t get it and  continue with my love affair for all things undead.

This series also automatically gets an extra few points for Zombie Deadpool alone as one of the funniest characters to ever grace the Marvel pages.

4 Earth 65: The home of Spider-Gwen

How does that hood stay up all the time?

Okay so this one was difficult, I struggled to pick any one single Spider-Verse. I could have gone with the Noir universe as that’s also amazing, or even that one universe that features the incredibly creepy Spiders-Man.

But when it comes down to it, Spider-Gwen is one of my favourite versions of the webslinger and one of the few comics that has forever remained on my subscribe list to it would be remiss of me not to include her here.

A universe where Gwen was bit and it was Peter who in fact died just hits me differently and keeps me obsessed for months on end.

3 Earth-807128: The Old Man Logan Universe

I Don’t like the look of that incoming right hand…

It’s the Old man Logan universe. If they had just stuck with the Old Man Logan storylines I imagine this would be the top universe on this list, however a lot of the stories that feature in this universe just do not live up to the standards set by Old Man Logan, I am looking at you Avengers of the Wasteland.

It’s still a phenomenal world though and happily sits at number 3 on this list.

2 Earth-12101 – Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

Does what it says on the tin. Deadpool get mad. Deadpool kill everyone in the Marvel Universe.

1 Earth-311: That steampunk Neil Gaiman universe

Museum artwork is always weird right?

1602 is severely underrated and under appreciated because so many people just have absolutely no idea it even exists. 1602 is the first foray into Marvel by acclaimed author Neil Gaiman and he brings his signature weirdness along with him.

Set in Elizabethan England after the destruction of the Marvel Universe – 1602 is a really fun romp at seeing what Steampunk Marvel heroes would look like. I absolutely adore anything that’s set in Elizabethan/Victorian England so this whole series rubbed me up the right way from beginning to end. The paperbacks for this one are super cheap as well so if you want to have a read you can jump into this universe really cheaply and clocking in at just 8 issues, it’s also not going to eat away at all your time either.

So there it is, my favourite Marvel Alternate Universes of all time. I will do another list of the worst ones just so I can hate on the Ultimate Universe somewhat but do let me know in the comments below if I have missed your favourite or you disagree with me at all!