Here we go… THE top 5 Assassins of Assassins Creed. Who will be number 1? Will it be Edward? Ezio? Or will I go completely left field and put Elsie as number 1? Stick around and find out.

5. Elsie

No my name isnt Psylocke! Stop asking!

Genuinely don’t have a great deal to say about Elsie but from the brief few panels I have seen of her in the comics I seem to have fallen in love with her. Her design is super rad and she seems badass in a way that makes me champ at the bit to learn everything possible about her.

I know theres a lot of unknown here but that’s one of the things thats made me love her so much.

4. Edward Kenway

So many layers in the Caribbean…such a mistake

For starters – Edward Kenway is a pirate. In the whole Pirates VS Ninjas Vs Samurai Vs Vikings argument, Pirates will always win out for me (Edit: you’re a fool then – Will “The Viking”). Edward is mostly concerned about doubloons and debauchery and he completely ignores the Brotherhood longer than anyone else on this list but this is what makes him so cool.

Once he does apply his knowledge to the Assassin brotherhood, he brings so much to them that the war starts to finally tip in favour of the Assassins…

I mean, until his son ruins it all. BUT I LOVE YOU ANYWAY HAYTHAM.

3. Shay Patrick Cormac

Mask = Covid safe. Mask AND guns = Covid safer

I freaking love Shay. I love his Irish accent, I love how he acts as an Assassin and I love his reasons for betraying the brotherhood.

Shay works as an Assassin for quite a bit before he realises that the Assassins would rather kill everyone who stands in their way than talk it out with the templars to come to a solution without bloodshed. Shay works in a similar way to Arno, except he has the balls to stick to his convictions and leave the brotherhood once he realises he does not agree with their blood spilling ways.

Also… Did I mention – Irish Accent?

2. Ezio Auditore de Firenze

Ezio Auditore da Firenze | Assassin's Creed Wiki | Fandom
Pure suave in human form

Ezio features in more games than anyone else and in both Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood the Assassin oozes charm and coolness. Having Ezio whistle in 4 Assassin recruits to take down a full squad of enemies is probably the coolest thing any Assassin has ever done on this list.

You literally get to play as Ezio from birth and experience the entirety of his life right through to his death and I love this, I just wish he was more true to character in Assassins Creed Revelations as he would definitely be number 1 on this list… instead though:

1.  Kassandra

We need to talk about Kassandra('s biceps) •
You seen my brother around? Oh yeah hes way back on the list

Where Alexios is Angry, Kassandra is witty, clever and funny. Where Alexios is a sodomising mercenary… well so is Kassandra. I haven’t actually played the game as Kassandra myself but I have watched my wife play through as the Greek Assassin and I am the first to admit that she is simply the better version of Alexios.

In my playthrough, Kassandra was the villain but even then I couldn’t help but route for her the entire 90 hour run. She is badass and cool no matter what side of the fence she sits on and that’s why she is EASILY my favourite Assassin on this list.

So there we have it, my definitive ranking of every Assassin I could remember that features in the Assassins Creed franchise and their associated spinoffs. I haven’t included whatever his name was from the film because I would rather pretend it doesn’t exist.

What do you think of my list? Did I miss anyone you loved? Let me know in the comments below.

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