We are firmly into the top 10 Assassins in Assassins Creed this week. Some of these are bound to surprise you and you will probably disagree with a lot of my choices here so let me know in the comments!

10. Shao Jun

Shao Jun | Assassin's Creed Wiki | Fandom
Artistic license? Or is my coat on fire?

Ghost of Tsushima does a lot to showcase that it takes a lot to stop a Mongolian invasion – however Shao Jun basically stops the invasion in China single handedly. It was because of this she broke the top 10 in this list because Ghost of Tsushima made me appreciate quite how badass this girl is.

Unfortunately it’s another of those 2.5d games though so Assassins Creed in China never really lives up to what it could be – but I am hoping that Shao eventually makes the jump into a fully fledged Assassins Creed Title.

9.  Evie Frye

I know Evie, I think London looks rubbish too.

Everything Jacob isn’t, Evie is. She is calm, collected and badass and, unlike her Brother Jacob, she is good enough at being an Assassin to further the cause. Everything Evie does is just super cool and when given a choice I constantly found that I would choose her as my Assassin over Jacob.

Evie has been a firm fan favourite ever since Syndicate hit the shelves and I absolutely adored it when she joined my ships crew on Assassins Creed Odyssey.

8. Altair Ibn La Ahad

My plate # 2 digital art for Assassin Creed altair. : assassinscreed
It’s raining monks… hallelujah

The Original Assassin, hailing way back from the first game, Altair has become almost a myth at this point. Everything that became possible for Ezio to pull off in his decade spanning career as an Assassin was made possible thanks to Altair.

The thing that really cements Altair so high on my list is that he goes 1v1 against a Master who is wielding a Piece of Eden and comes out the otherside.

I also LOVED the aesthetic of an Assassin having to have their wedding ring finger chopped off as a sign of devotion to the creed – I was sad when this was removed in the sequels.

7. Bayek Of Siwa

Boyband headshot?

Bayek hailed in the new formula of Assassins Creed and I will forever adore him for this as the games have  never been better and it’s thanks to this Egyptian hunk. Alluded to being responsible for the formation of the Assassin Brotherhoood – Bayek is arguably the most important character on this list.

I really like the Egyptian aesthetic to Bayek and the use of his Eagle featured in this game – Also the dude was married to Aya… so bonus points there!

6.  Alexios

No jokes here, just look how fine this dude is…

I played through Odyssey as Alexios and my version of Alexios was an angry sodomising mercenary and I loved him all the more for it. Alexios was my Greek Assassin and I thought he was badass throughout my entire 90 hour playthrough of Odyssey.

It’s the fact that I played as him for over 90 hours and never grew tired of him that has made him appear so high on this list. I adore him and would honestly die for him.

Join me next week as we hit the top 5 Assassins of all time featuring one Assassin you PROBABLY haven’t even heard of!