Welcome to Part 2 of my rankings of all the Assassins in the Assassins Creed franchise counting down 15 through 11! Some of these are my favourite characters yet still seem to not crack the top 10! Why not you ask? Read on to find out.

15. Arbaaz Mir

My favorite X man? Guess…

Arbaaz wins this position on his Hidden Blade alone. This thing looks absolutely brutal, puncturing you not once, not twice but THREE times! Arbaaz falls into the Assassin group that were thieves first then learned of the Age old war and became an Assassin a bit later in life.

Hailing from india, he battles the British in order to gain the Koh-I-Noor diamond (which just so happens to be a Piece of Eden as well because of course it does). I really like the design of Arbaaz, I just wish he got a full 3D Assassins creed title in India.

We can wish eh?

14. Arno Victor Dorian

Guillo-TIME to end you!

If you visit Will’s article about top Assassins in Video games (Which you can read here!) – you will see that Arno is his pick from the Assassins Creed franchise and for good reason.

Arno spends a lot of time trying to end the war between Templars and Assassins without further bloodshed, he ultimately fails in this goal and the war continues but I will forever admire him at least trying to achieve this.

Also he’s French.(OUI OUI)

13. Adewale

Freedom Cry DLC Trailer Featuring Adewale| Assassin's Creed® IV ...
Never has the word HENCH seemed more appropriate

Adewale is badass. The slave turned Pirate turned Assassin takes everything he wants in life and whilst I haven’t actually played Freedom Cry (he will probably ascend these ranks when I do) everything I have read of him or seen of him in Black Flag just oozes that wicked Assassin coolness.

Adewale is arguably responsible for turning Edward onto the Asssassins and gains a few points just for this, I also LOVE his design as an Assassin.

12. Jacob Frye

Sass Master Assassin: Jacob Frye [ PT. 2 ] - YouTube
Who’d have thought metal shoulder pads would be so heavy

Breaking my family rule for the Frye twins and separating them both because they are such different characters and belong in very different places on this list.

Personally, Jacob is one of my favourite characters in gaming, the constant quips and one liners he comes out with through the entirety of Assassins Creed Syndicate inject a lot of much needed humour into the game. However, as far as Assassins go, he just doesn’t fit the “cool factor” that some of these other Assassins do – therefore he ranks as number 12 on this list!

11. Aya

Assassins Creed Origins aya by bartock26 on DeviantArt
If in doubt, her hair makes a surprisingly effective bludgeoning tool

Aya is briefly mentioned in Assassins Creed 2 as the Assassin who murders Cleopatra with a snake. Whilst she has changed her name by this stage the fact that her legacy lives on through this many centuries says a lot about her.

When we actually play as Aya though, she is not the Assassin we constantly want her to be but she IS the one we need at the time.

Jacob Frye ranks quite low huh? Where would you rank these Assassins? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned next week as we finally make it into the top 10 Assassins!

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