Resident Evil 8 was finally announced recently! Or is it Resident Evil: Village? Or both? I honestly have no idea what is happening with this game. All I know is that I need it to be injected directly into my eyeballs.

I was thinking on this recently and realised that the Resident Evil franchise has such a long a varied history of stellar (and some not so stellar) titles that have quickly become some of my favourite games of all time.

I have decided I am going to replay every single numbered Resident Evil entry (and Code Veronica X for good measure) in order to get ready for the upcoming game, you can catch this all LIVE on our Twitch & YouTube channels!

When I finish each game I am going to publish a mini review of the game and a ranking of the titles in order from 0 through to 7, then when it’s out I will stream all of 8 or Village or whatever the hell it’s called and add this to my rankings. One thing worth noting is, where possible I will be playing remakes and not the original games – this is mostly just because they are easier to access and I would prefer to play them and it’s my series!

Based off memory alone however, here are my provisional rankings of the series 0 through 7 (and Code Veronica X) with absolutely no context!

8 – Resident Evil 6

7 – Resident Evil 5

6 – Resident Evil 3

5 – Resident Evil Code Veronica X

4 – Resident Evil 7

3 – Resident Evil and it’s remake

2 – Resident Evil 4

1 – Resident Evil 2 and it’s remake

Stay tuned to our channels on Monday for episode one of my playthrough of Resident Evil 0!