Hello again friends! I had such a blast writing about the Soulsborne games that I have decided to dedicate EVEN MORE time to let you know which games that are KINDA similar to Soulsborne games work, don’t work, and are a bit… Quirky.


Lords of the Fallen
lords of the fallen character

Don’t even waste your time, this game is an absolute shambles that encompasses everything that Dark Souls isn’t. Some people I know actually claim to like this game and they say it’s a “not bad” replication of the Souls formula. Those people are liars – seriously don’t even waste your time on this game.

The Surge

After the absolute shambles that was Lords of The Fallen, the developers had another crack at the Soulsborne formula and created what has been likened to “Sci-fi Souls”. I know a lot of people really don’t like the Surge but I had a lot of fun with it and even went back to play the DLC. It can be a little more unfair than the Soulsborne games and I very often felt as though the deaths weren’t necessarily my fault but I still plowed through it in a weekend.

Ultimately, the game is currently FREE on PS plus (At time of Writing in March 2019) so don’t take my word for it – Go and give it a go and see what you think!


Shinobi / Ninja Souls before Sekiro came out, and you know what? It’s unpopular opinion time. Koei Tecmo did it better – I fucking LOVE Sekiro, but there is something I just love that bit more in Nioh. I love William and I love the world that the game builds. It has varying enemy types from standard ninjas to demon ninjas and, whilst yes, some of them can be a little uninspired at times, I feel that the inclusion of
William having the ability to change to 5 different weapon types, try new armor and become a more powerful version of himself helps to edge the game out to being that bit better than I feel Sekiro is.

I will do a full piece on Nioh soon enough but I wholeheartedly recommend this game.

Dead Cells

I like Dead Cells but I am such a sucker for the 3D open world format that I tend to just pick up Roguelites such as this for my Switch and give them a few bashes when I am on the loo or something but never manage to get totally into. I know a lot of people absolutely adore Dead Cells and all those awards can’t be wrong about the game!

Hollow Knight

I could say a million things about why you should play Hollow Knight now that would contradict everything I just wrote about Dead Cells but you know what? Salman has already said it better.

Immortal Unchained

“Gun Souls” is what this game was billed as to me. I was told it had taken the Dark Souls formula and applied it to a 3rd person shooter that was as good as the Souls games before it. HOWEVER, Do you know what happens when you take a game formula suited to Sword and Shield mechanics and add guns and do it well? You get Bloodborne. Do you know what happens when you make a mockery of it? You get Immortal Unchained.


We did a stream of this game when it was on PS Plus a while back, and I know a lot of people had many an issue with this “Kung Fu Souls” game but you know what? I played it from start to finish with a couple of friends in an evening and there are far worse things I could have done on a Friday night. Absolver is one of those games that on your own it’s a big old pile of meh but get a couple beers in and a few friends online and its super fun to just kick the shit into everything in your path for an evening and then never play the game again.

So there’s my roundup of Soulslikes and their standing against the core ‘SoulsBorne’ experiences! Let me know if you agree or disagree down in the comments…