The legend of Zelda has been running strong for nearly 40 years now. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Link has already found his love, it’s Zelda right? I mean it’s a classic story, a princess and the hero who saves her. But that’s not necessarily always been the case, there’s never really been much to confirm a romance between the two titular characters of this series at least not in every game. Our stoic hero does however seem to have a lot of success with the ladies, however oblivious he may be to their advances. Is it his silent and strong demeanour, his heroic deeds, or simply just his handsomeness that wins him the affection of many of the lovely ladies in the series? Heres a run down of the ladies whose eyes have been drawn by our Hero.

1. Mipha

Starting with the most recent lady whose been tied to our hero we have Mipha. Mipha and Link are an incredibly popular ship in the fandom a quick Google search makes that evident. Mipha and Link were childhood friends and they very clearly had a close relationship. Whilst the British translation of the game states that Mipha was special to link the word used in Japanese indicates she was a loved one, more specifically supposedly the word can be used to describe a mutual love. Furthermore Mipha crafted armour for Link, intended to be for her future husband, and King Dorephan tells Link she truly loved him. Not to mention, when Mipha uses her healing powers it is heavily implied she thinks of her love for Link.

2. Princess Ruto

From one Zora princess to another, Link seems to always end up accepting gifts of engagement from the Zora royalty. Princess Ruto later goes on to be one of the sages in ocarina of time, but before this, Link helps her retrieve the Zora Sapphire, or the spiritual stone of water. She was given this by her mother and was told that it would be the stone she would give to her future husband. However unlike with the doubts I have with Mipha and the armour, I think Link in this instance was quite hapless and unaware of the significance. Link just needed the stone for his quest, I don’t quite think he was thinking about getting engaged. Luckily for our Link though, 7 years later Princess Ruto scolds him for making the engagement so long, she has to focus on her duty as a sage now and has no time for a wedding.

3. Saria

Saria, also from ocarina of time, was Links childhood friend. Mido confirms her feelings for Link and by the end of the game she becomes one of the seven sage’s, meaning she must go to the sacred realm. Separated by different plains of existence she promises to look over Link, she even gives him his first ocarina. But again there is nothing to suggest out hapless hero even acknowledges the extent of Saria’s feelings. I mean Link really is out here fumbling through the world using his good looks to advance his quests.

4. Rosa

Rosa from oracle of seasons actually scores herself a date with our main man Link. However, Link is only in it for what he can get out of her. With a terrible show from our main man, he buys her a gift and proceeds to use her to unlock all the doors he can’t in subrosia. What makes matters worse is she is patiently waiting for a second date and our guy Link just wanders off on the rest of his adventure. Essentially leaving the loving Rosa high and dry in a rather cruel video game ghosting. Oh yeah….he kinda stalks her to begin with too.

Written by Clarissa.