We’re back with yet another instalment of Respawning’s Let’s Talk series, where every Friday we get every one of our charismatic writers together to discuss a new topic! With the news that we could be getting an announcement for a brand new Batman Arkham game any day now, we thought we’d get together in the Respawning Batcave to discuss what we’d each like to see from a new Arkham game.

One of the things I really enjoyed about the Arkhamverse is its tendency to branch out into even the most obscure Batman lore, bringing out villains like Azrael, Professor Pyg, or the Ventriloquist. The four games are, without a doubt, the most complete depiction of Gotham ever seen beyond the comics.

And that goes for heroes, too. Ever since Batman’s death/retirement at the end of Arkham Knight, it’s clear that his proteges- Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, and Red Hood- are alive and remain active as crime-fighters. Perhaps, I think, there’s no need for Batman anymore? Perhaps the next Arkham game could instead focus on the drama between this ensemble when they’re devoid of their mentor? Nightwing especially would make a fantastic protagonist, as he is active in a completely different city from everyone else, being Blüdhaven‘s premiere superhero.

What I’d love is a story that flitters between two sandboxes as the team aim to adapt to the post-batman world, which could take the series in a new direction. Making use of each character’s unique abilities would diversify the players’ approach to challenges- do you kick down the front door as Red Hood and start dispensing lead justice, or do you hack the cameras as Oracle and gain some key information without ever setting foot near an enemy? Or perhaps you prefer fists or stealth, in which case Robin and Nightwing are your best bet. Between these four and the conspiracy of the ‘ghost’ Batman, there is a fantastic epilogue story to be told that could reboot the series in spectacular form.

NOT the Joker. I love him, we all do, he’s our favourite villain etc etc…. but the Arkham series needs to take a break from him okaaaaay? The rumoured Court of Owls would be really awesome but I think combine this with another story like the Long Halloween, where we could feature some minor villains and have a driven story between them. I either want a more basic version, like the original game, maybe where we can explore Wayne Manor OR go completely mental and have the Justice League turn on Bats, boy would that be a good time.

As a huge fan of the Arkham series I’d love to see them explore the Justice League. So far in the timeline we’ve seen the early days of Bats and [SPOILER] the potential end of him as the dark avenger. But I would love to see them explore maybe the early creation of the Justice League, avoiding any referencing from THAT film. The Injustice games handled a Justice League storyline really well, and I’d love to see that kind of storytelling and potential friction between the members transfer over to the Arkham series.

Can I talk about something I DON’T want to see? Okay then, the batmobile, that tank of a vehicle was painfully overused in Arkham Knight to the point that it made Knight the weakest entry in the series. It seemed like every other mission was making you get into the Bat-Buick to take down a bunch of drones, it was fun, the first 6 times… 

As for something to add… I’d like to see some more interaction with the Bat Family, I understand that as the games went on , Robin and Nightwing became more and more prevalent but those dual fights with the boy wonders were some of the best parts of Knight! Let’s see more of that! Perhaps working with a young Jason Todd as Robin? Maybe more Batgirl too? The Bat is badass on his own but the Family is even better! No man is an island right?

Eeeeeeehhhh Batman. I like Batman, don’t get me wrong and the Arkham games have been pretty nifty. The villains look way more imposing than they’ve ever been on the big screen before. With the exception of Bane, Bane just looks like a Scooby Doo monster to me. The Arkham games have been pretty consistent while giving us a wide variety too, from the infamous big wigs to the lesser known baddies. I loved that I got to see Man Bat in Arhkam City. That being said, Killer Croc looks like shit, he always looks like shit. What I’d love to see though?

The “The Batman” version of the Joker running around in Arkham. A Joker that is actually formidable and dangerous hand to hand. One that’s a bit more screw loose in visual design. Or maybe some of the more obscure one-time villains rise up to a more front and centre lime light. Like those collage kids with the genetic mutation patches. Or anyone really, anyone other than fucking Deadshot, Deathstroke and the Riddler. Every damn Arkham game they’re there, and I never bother because they’re all so fucking boring. Give us some of Batman’s more zany and out there villains, shake them up a bit, make them look and act more like the old golden comics versions, the real gut wrenching, ugly, and dark stuff.

Now That. That I’d love to see.   

My preference for the next Batman game is, predictably, Arkham Court. I really liked the Court of Owls arc in Gotham (a great show throughout), and think the Court is complex and interesting enough to warrant its own game. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high for it, as the Court ‘leaks’ thus far could be just smoke and mirrors for an entirely different announcement, but Court of Owls is certainly my top choice.

Just throw in some new gadgets and maybe a couple of extra characters to play as and it’ll tick all the boxes for me. Having said that, as great as he is, as long as the Joker isn’t in it yet again then I’ll be happy.

More of the same please! The Arkham games are perfect (well not Knight, I agree with Will about ditching the Batmobile!) so I’m actually hoping we don’t get too much of a dramatic change. With all the talk being that this will be another WB Montreal developed game, it leads me to believe we’ll get something similar to Origins and a Court of Owls story could fit into a prequel very easily! I’m now going to be a bit cheeky and direct you to a video I did a while back with all my bat predictions…

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