The PS5 has a price, it has a release date and now it even has a list of games coming to this new space age bit of kit! With so much on offer though, what do we really want to play on Sony’s venture into next gen gaming?! We’ve asked the team and below you can see the titles that tighten our trousers…

Final Fantasy XVI was the first new game shown off during the recent Sony presentation, and after its trailer had concluded I knew that nothing else could top how excited I was for this title, though plenty of others came very close.

The combat looks like a shinier and overhauled version of what we saw in Final Fantasy XV, and the new aesthetic in environments and character design is a welcome change from the angsty protagonists that are a dime a dozen at the moment.

Final Fantasy XV is my favourite game of all time, a fact I will spout in any conversation even if it doesn’t relate whatsoever, and while I would have loved a prequel / sequel to it I’m just as happy with a new game in the franchise. Having just finished yet another playthrough of XV, not just doing the story but almost every side quest too, I can say with hand on heart that even were I not already planning on purchasing a PlayStation 5 (like some sort of wrong-un), I would absolutely buy one just for this game.

I only hope they do more with my favourite part of the franchise, summons, than we have seen in the Final Fantasy games of the last decade.

Yes okay so the game I choose to be hype for only has a theme song and a teaser image, but boy oh boy (see what I did there?) Am I excited!

That’s right boys, girls and that technicolor rainbow inbetween. God of War is coming back. With the tag line “Ragnarok is coming” it seems like Kratos and Atreus’ actions in the last game are coming back to haunt them in a big way. Turns out you can’t slot a gods brother and sons and hope to get away with it Scott free, who knew? Heres hoping for more brutal action and a storyline that is even half as engaging as the beautifully crafted tale we got in 2018!

Strangely, there isn’t any next-gen title that has been announced, that I would say has me ‘hyped’. There are titles that have caught my interest, definitely. But as yet, no title has got me as giddy as a Star Wars fan on May 4th.

One title that I am following on various social media platforms, that definitely deserves a mention, is GodFall by Counterplay games, published by Gearbox Games.

The main reason this one has caught my attention, is the fact it has taken the concept of a looter RPG, which I kind of dig, Destiny being my favourite of all time, before it’s repetitive season idea in Destiny 2, and making suits of armour with potentially magic ‘God like’ powers.

As I said before, GodFall doesn’t give me chills or have me scrambling for a PS5 pre-order. But it does have me interested enough to have me following it on Twitter and YouTube. And I suppose in the interest of this article, that counts, right?

I’m convinced that there maybe that one title just around the corner that has yet to be announced, that’ll have me frantically downloading screenshots for wallpapers and trailer music for ringtones. It’s just, I’ve yet to see it.

I came in here fully expecting to talk about something that’s not Spider-Man Miles Morales giving that everyone else has spoken about it… Turns out I was wrong! It’s a bit of a shame that it’s not going to be a full game and more akin to an Uncharted Lost Legacy but I’m more than okay with that because I loved Lost Legacy.

Getting such a giant title despite it’s length on launch is a real treat and given how much I adored Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4, I can not wait to jump into Miles Morales on PS5. There’s not really much else I can say if you’ve seen the latest demo because you’ll know how exciting Insomniac’s latest adventure looks, and if you haven’t seen then demo then stop right now and play the video above!

PS I’m probably looked forward to God of War Ragnarok a little more but there’s no way we get that for 2021 so I’m focused on my boy Miles for now


Well no. The game I am here to talk to you about is Demons Souls…

Suprised that I picked a soulsborne? Yeah me neither. Demons Souls was hampered by the technology of the time so I am incredibly excited to see what Miyazaki can pull off with the tech and budget of the PS5.