With the recent revival of the ‘Let’s talk’ Friday segments (though now it’s on Sundays) and we have covered the photo mode in Ghost of Tsushima and the most annoying sounds in gaming and today we are gonna see what game everyone here at Respawning (or at least most of us) believes deserves a second chance in the world of video games.

Alone in The Dark 2008, in my humble opinion is a great game…if you love a B-Movie. When this game released it had a horrible time with the general public thinking it’s DVD style skip level gimmick was absolute pants then reviews where not kind to this game report game breaking glitches a tepid story with laughable voice acting and just plain shoddy graphics except for the at the time incredible fire physics.

I too fell victim to this, I bought the game within a few weeks of release and agreed with everyone else that it sucked…I didn’t get very far, pretty much just got to the end of the prologue, I sold the game an didn’t look back, well for a couple of years at least then I saw the collectors edition for a fiver and couldn’t resit, this time completing the game to 100%.

Why do I think this deserves a second chance though is because it didn’t lie to me it straight up screams B-Movie at you with its flimsy premise of a man far older than he looks and out of time with amnesia taken to New York City to bring about the end of the world. It’s full of F-Bombs and ridiculous dialogue straight out of likes of Evil Dead, They Live and even Phantasm.

The fire Physics in this game rule the whole idea of the game is to use fire to destroy the monsters, you can do this by picking up wood and burning it using your very cool inventory system that doesn’t pause the game so you have to think on your feet and manage it as you go, combing bullets and lighter fluid for fire bullets (there’s that B-Movie logic) use medical gauze on injuries (admittedly your injuries look like actual spam) manually flipping from third person to first depending on your enemies and environments and in first person clicking the right stick to blink and see the weak spots of these otherwise bullet sponges. There are cars all over central park teat you can raid for supplies and drive to the next area…the driving is a bit wonky I’ll admit but I’ve never experienced the major issues it bring.

Overall try this game again stick with it really pay attention to all the tools you have and I think you’ll have a great time…not a scary time but a fun foul mouthed B-movie gory time.

I’m going to be very predictable with my entry but that goes to show just how strongly I support this game. One of the most under-appreciated games of its franchise because of how different it was to its predecessors, I am of course talking once again about Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

The new deeper style of combat combined with an RPG system was all it took to put off a lot of players from giving this game the chance it really deserves. I will concede the point that I hear a lot which is a large chunk of the map is open empty desert, but the simple rebuttal to that is that you aren’t supposed to spend time in that area until particular moments in the story!

The cities of Alexandria, Memphis and Faiyum are as accurately recreated as possible thanks in part to the Ancient Egyptian experts which Ubisoft brought in to assist with the games Discovery Mode, but also to the dedication of their in-house teams who worked on the game for years. The vast majority of the setting is so interesting and fun to explore, not to mention the fact that you can climb all over and inside the pyramids.

I have played through the story of Origins to completion twice, and for the fun combat and deep exploration this is absolutely a game worthy of a second chance if it didn’t quite grab you when you first picked it up.

This took me a while to choose, since I’m the type to never give a game a second chance…most of the time anyway. After racking my brain I could only think of one contender for this title, and we did a series on it not too long ago.

Anthem was a strange little title, on its announcement I was beyond excited, It was robotic suits, in a sci-fi world fused with nature. It’s exactly what I love. On release however absolutely no one I knew played it and all hype vanished faster than your dad. I was hurt but forgot about the game for the longest time, then out of nowhere, a resurgence. the servers actually had people in them! Me, Luke and Lance got busy and actually had a hell of a time hooning about the massive open world with out rocket powered, or in my case lightning powered (All hail Thor) Javelin suits and laying the hurtin’ bombs on assorted beasties. While the main story ended on a particularly flat note, there was no getting around the hours of fun we did have. The game is available at some amazingly low prices now and I cannot recommend enough that you give this third person shooter at least a little of your time.

I’m sure I’ve had a moan about this before but screw it, I’m going to do it again. The Legend of Dragoon. That’s right, while every other kid was playing Final Fantasy, I was playing what some may see as a cheap knock off (screw those people) – The Legend of Dragoon.

This was my introduction to JRPG’s on the PS1 and since first playing the exclusive way back in 2001 we’ve seen ten or more Final Fantasy games plus a ton of other mainstream JRPG’s along the way. Please Sony can we have either a sequel, remake (imagine a Final Fantasy XII style remake, yes please!) or even just a port of the original as this amazing game is literally impossible to buy in 2020 unless you purchase an overpriced PS1 copy on Ebay. Just give my precious Legend of Dragoon one more chance in any shape or form…please.

I’ll tell you what deserves a bloody second chance for all of you pussycats…DARK SOULS. Trust when I say it yet again, if you’ve given up on it go back and try again. I tried and gave up on Bloodborne, and then tried Dark Souls a couple of times and when that wall shattered it provided me with my best gaming experience…ever. The Souls formula is the best thing about our current generation of gaming. To find out more on my thoughts, why not watch this video:

My choice is simple. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. It was slammed as a failure when it was released. But as a HUGE fan of Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Breakpoint was massive for me. I was hooked from the early closed Beta I was part of. I still play it to this day, and with latest addition of AI team mates, the game got even better. I will admit, the game is better with friends, as our Respawning Breakpoint videos prove.

However, I’m perfectly content on making my way around Auroa on me tod. Taking down Wolf bases and drones. Theirs nothing quite like the feeling of nailing a headshot from 500 meters and not a single other enemy noticing. I love it and the world should love it too!