Inspired by today’s release of the Division 2 we take a look back at the vast range of Tom Clancy games to talk about what we love or hate, a bit like Marmite!


I LOVE Rainbow Six Siege, however there is something about it that I absolutely hate about it… That game is SO NOT FUN when you try to play on your own and unfortunately for me, in my adult life it’s really difficult for my friends to Sync up and be online at the same time and I think if there is ONE thing I HATE about Tom Clancy games it would be how much I want to play one but just cannot find the time to get a team together and get involved.


Tom Clancy’s games have been a staple of my gaming since I first booted up splinter cell with my brother. So that’s my pick! Splinter Cell was the first stealth game I played that really gave me some stakes with titles like Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter just glossing over being caught.

Sam fisher was just a normal dude with some night vision goggles and a black body condom and God help you if you got into a fire fight. You wouldn’t last a second so you HAD to stick to those shadows like a virgin sticks to a female friend. This is the core of all the Tom Clancy games as they’re rooted in reality rather than the usual action game tropes. War is scary and dangerous! And you don’t heal from bulletwounds over a few seconds…


Some good ones have already been discussed here as Splinter Cell is definitely one of my picks, it made me much more a fan of stealth games than i ever was before. It perfectly balanced stealth and intensity with enough fun that you didn’t give up when frustrated. My other choice has got to be Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I was never ever sure if i’d like this game and I haven’t played it that many times but the times i have played it i absolutely loved it. It really has an amazing way of combining fun open world gameplay with tactics and gun play, giving you a whole region of gangsters to take down. It’s a great Co-op game.

Will J

Tom Clancy games. Violently american, violently paranoid, violently crap, half the time. That’s fine by me, I can just play something else. But that said one thing, gotta say, does bother me a bit.

Don’t think he was technically on the payroll, lads. Maybe give his name back.