Video games are synonymous with rad soundtracks and iconic tones or sounds. Of course, not all of them can be pleasing to the ears and charming to remember, Some make us want to pull our ears off and mute the TV! We here at Respawning are a bunch of grumpy bastards so we’ve decided it’s high time to remind you of the of the most annoying sounds in gaming history that almost ruined some titles…

The most annoying sound for me is literally every second that doesn’t have the trophy popping ping in it..

Joking aside, and I appreciate this isn’t technically in a game but as it annoys me so much I genuinely mute my TV every time, I absolutely hate the ‘whoosh’ sound of the Xbox One X start-up animation. Even with the TV on a low volume it seems hellbent on its mission to burst my ear drums and ruin my day, so it has been months since I last heard it. Microsoft may have changed or removed it by now, but I’m not running the risk.

I’m sure that I’m not the only person who has played the hell out of the first Bioshock. It’s not exactly a cult classic, some might even go as far to say it’s one of the best video games ever made (I know I would) unfortunately every time i got back to this wondrous undersea adventure there is one sound that crops up all to often that makes me want to mute the TV, realise its not enough, and launch the console out the damn window.

This fucking circus clown…”WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS OF VALUES!” I don’t care that this is a cute cameo by director Ken Levine, It makes me hate this machines and even forgo vital resources to avoid having to listen to this despicable harlequin of sales!

Credt: Nofatigua

Back on Mother’s day The Bear’s Den did a special dedicated to a NES game that my Mum absolutely loved and all these years later I am in the same boat. Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos, is an isometric puzzle platformer where you play Shadax a bad-ass wizard on a quest to save his girlfriend Princess Eleanor from the evil wizard Morbius.

Look at those abs…Gandalf aint got S@*t of Shadax. (obviously a lie Gandalf rules)

This game is devilishly hard with an amazing sound track that sets the atmosphere perfectly but the difficulty comes from the isometric view which will cause you to die over and over and over again and that death cry will haunt your dreams I swear. it’s always accompanied with the imagery of Shadax literally melting like the Wicked Witch of the West…i mean everything kills you in this game, spikes, bad guys, weird blobs and the camera angle itself. before you get anywhere in this game you hear that high pitch wail and believe me you will hear it. I love this game so much I would recommend that everyone should play it just for the music alone but damn that death rattle. in the video below (it’s 7 seconds) after the jingle is that sound.

Over 150 rooms like this one exist in this game…you will hit game over before you see them all.

Despite our logo and my image above… There is one noise that has absolutely stuck in my mind as the worst thing to ever enter my earholes and that my friends is this:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Low Health Alarm 1 Hour ...

That alarm that kicks off every time Link has low health is the most grating, panic inducing thing I have ever heard. I despise it.

But either way – Here is an hour of it:

Do unskippable cutscenes you’ve seen before count? Because they bloody should – especially if they’re before a difficult boss battle you’ve already failed. But honestly, that aside, there’s not many game noises I can think of that bother me – even something like the Houndeye’s absolute bs doesn’t irk me too much.

But there is one thing that, when I hear it, I want to reach through the screen and punch the offending character in the face. In Dead By Daylight, the killer known as The Cannibal (Bubba, licensed from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) makes constant, obnoxious noises, from squeals to giggles to cries. Imagine having a giant, fat man in a bright yellow apron running at you with a chainsaw and this playing:

Yeah, it’s not great. And everyone’s playing him at the moment because he got a buff.

JASON, JAAAAASON… JAASON! I know for a fact you just read that in Ethan’s annoying voice from Heavy Rain. Thing is I don’t find Ethan too annoying through the majority of the game, but during this scene where he loses his son Jason he just sounds laughably bad. Press X to Jason may be funny to most but given the multiple playthroughs I did get the Platinum trophy, I grew to hate this noise.

Credit: OfficalMikec