Iiiiiiiiit’s the Let’s Talk and we’re going to talk about gaming fatigue. Sometimes us gamers just find a game boring, but is it us, or the game or simply the vast choice of games we have vs lack of time as an adult? Sometimes we can’t explain why a game doesn’t quite grab us (but should) or why we’ve played something for a silly amount of hours yet didn’t really love it…Let’s talk about boring games.

I’m going to apologise to Luke right now. He tried so hard to get a squad going in this title with me and I just couldn’t do it. Final Fantasy 14 bored me to tears.

It’s probably just MMO’s in general but I couldn’t stand my time running about this player laden wonderland of twee little creatures and hyper sexualised avatars. There isn’t anything in here to bring me joy, even when I tried my best to make the game fun for me with a ridiculous character to play as. Unfortunately the blue haired Buster Galaxion failed miserably. Fetch quests and being sent to kill the same 5 creates 1000 times just isn’t fun to me. The phrase “It gets really good later” was thrown at me a lot, I’m never sure why people think that’s a selling point? Your game is several hours of trash before I finally get to enjoy myself? Well why didn’t you say so! I’ll just turn it off now and save myself the trouble…

If you’re reading this then you may not like me after this. There are few games out there that I have fallen to fatigue and stopped playing, Hitman 2016 didn’t bore me but I had played the same 3 levels so much and only go it so far before I had to stop (I will go back soon), Final Fantasy is a similar situation I enjoy them I just don’t want to play them.

The game for this though is GTA V…sandbox games are hit and miss with me and GTA V is a big miss for me, I have tried and tried to play this game and give a chance but I just can’t get over how much I hate these characters, I get that they are satirical but they just ruin the game for me, Micheal is boring and cliched as is Franklin and Trevor who I’ve only just unlocked (I’ve not got far in the story at all) is just horrible unfunny and just plain shit.

The open world is huge and lush but everything I found in the game can be found in other GTA titles with a few boring mini games added (tennis anyone) but I don’t want to hate on this game with a plethora of things to do I shouldn’t be bored but I am and I just don’t want to play Rockstar games anymore…RDR1 was very good but I never got far because the game trudges along at the beginning RDR2 looks incredible but watching my Girlfriend play i literally fell asleep with how tedious every thing is to do…I LOVE Bully, L.A Noire and Max Payne 3 though, so I’m not just hating on Rockstar here I promise.

The biggest case of game fatigue I’ve experienced is with 2019’s Rage 2. Everything this game promised as part of its marketing appears to be present in the finished product but it all feels so boring and skin deep. The moment to moment shooting gameplay is satisfying enough but it only lasts for a couple of seconds and then you find yourself once again facing the fact you’ll have to go through another arduous and uninspired commute to get to the next shootout.

I have tried a couple of times to get back into it, thinking the previous times I just wasn’t ‘in the mood’ for it. Unfortunately, within half an hour of every time I boot the game up I find myself so overcome with boredom that the game is immediately uninstalled until the next time I think I should give it another go. And so the cycle continues..

I’m going to go with an entire franchise here and that’s Assassin’s Creed. Now admittedly I haven’t played Odyssey which I’m told is the best the series has seen in years, unfortunately for me though I was lost long before that.

I can’t quite pin point the moment that the creed games lost me but it was some time before Sydicate, a game which I’d been craving for years but by the time it came to be I was too fed up with the same old eavesdrop and lame stealth missions.

With the hype of Odyssey I’ve recently tried to get back into the series starting with Origins, sadly though I’m already starting to feel that same fatigue from before. Maybe I’ll be able to play through it or maybe I’ll just skip straight to Odyssey to see if that’s any better.. only time will tell.

I’m bored, that’s how I feel sometimes when I sit their and stare at my vast library of games to play. We’ve all been there, for some reason you just don’t want to play anything own. I have found it can be great to break this with 2 things, a completely different type of game – which is why the Switch can be great, or simply watching some great TV. You can even take the leap and get online with mates as that’s always fun!

Not only do I get generally bored but I’ve plenty of situations where a game has bored me, most recently the Avengers BETA. It’s a real issue for me with loving Dark Souls so much, but so many other games that don’t bring anything to the table are simply boring. Essentially because I have more limited free time if a game doesn’t get me invested in a couple of hours I ain’t gonna carry on!

For me, gaming fatigue has recently become a big problem. During the UK lockdown, I kicked the ass out of my games library. I gamed everyday, for something to do. And that’s the problem. I usual game for relaxation after a day at work, or if I’m bored. But, during lockdown, with nothing else left to do, it become monotonous.

And I found myself struggling to find the passion I once had for gaming. Luckily I have now started working a regular job again and have slowly begun to find passion I once had. Their is life in this old dog yet (and yes, I’m the oldest of the Respawning group, so I get to say that). And thankfully my excitement of sitting down to game is returning.