We’re back with yet another instalment of Respawning’s Let’s Talk series, where every Friday we get every one of our charismatic writers together to discuss a new topic! EA get a bit of a bad rep in the ol’ gaming news don’t they? Lootboxes, pay-to-win and burning out the ‘same game’ every year…. With only 1 or 2 of us interested in the upcoming FIFA 20, we ask if it’s worth it every year?

Not into FIFA, but I am into the 2K series – NBA and WWE, respectively. So going off my experience in that, the answer is largely a ‘no’. Because let’s be honest here: They make a new game maybe every five years, and then just re-release it with small changes in the time between. Except that this batch has had loads of microtransactions baked in, making the game a lot less enjoyable, hiding customisation behind paywalls and the like. Characters I can understand, but fucking haircuts..? And let’s not mention the ads.

And the worst thing is, they take down the old games so you can’t buy them instead. I feel NBA 2K16 was the last one before microtransactions started to fuck it all up, but people can’t go and experience that for themselves. FIFA isn’t immune from this bullshit, so honestly, just don’t buy the new ones. Yeah, so and so may not be in it, but is he really worth dropping another $60+ on the same game..?

Well being the resident FIFA nut here at Respawning, I feel like I may need to channel my inner Spartan while I fight off the hordes of Persian warriors charging towards me to tell me how much money I waste..

To be brutally honest though, it is a bit of a piss take but you’ll never hear me moan simply because it’d make me a hypocrite. I LOVE football and I LOVE video games so of course I’m destined to be FIFA obsessed (or maybe PES if I was a wrongun’). Is it worth it every year? It does depend year on year to be fair. It’s easy from an outsiders point of view to point and yell “oh it’s the same every year” but unless you actually play them regularly, how are you to know?

Look at FIFA 17, we were introduced to the new story driven journey mode which would give players a good 16-20 hour story for three games running. This year we’re getting the return of FIFA Street in ‘Volta Football’, a mode which would have undoubtedly been a separate game entirely ten years ago. FIFA 18 saw a free World Cup add-on which again, in previous years would have been it’s own title. I’m not saying this justifies the annual releases but to say they’re the same year on year would be a bit unfair at this point. And whether you’re a fan or not, if you don’t believe EA have added enough to justify a new game then don’t buy it! Vote with your wallets people.

Is FIFA worth it every year? Well as I seem to buy it every year… Kinda. I don’t necessarily agree with the ‘they recycle the same shit every year’ opinion because they don’t, they’re always adding new features and reasons to go back, especially in 20 with the career over haul and addition of volta (FIFAStreet). Also if you’re a footy fan you know how important having the most up to date squads is.

I can absolutely see how people buy this game every year, its still the best couch coop game (if both players are decent) and will be for years to come.

I’m just going to say it. I’m not a fan of sports games. I’m also less of a fan of the tactics and model of sports games… So surprise shocker… They’re totally not worth it in my mind. FIFA especially has been criticised heavily in previous years due to the lack of migration with it’s Ultimate Team mode/s, and forcing players to spend dozens, hundreds or thousands of pounds to build up their teams from scratch again.

Ew. No thank you EA.

I don’t play FIFA, like ever…. So my opinion isn’t really valid I guess? But I’m going to say no it’s not worth a whole new AAA game price tag every year in order to get a few new faces or whatever; I don’t really know if anything changes! I feel like it’s a DLC job and they’re bleeding you all dry. 

Yearly games are a thing I’ve never been a fan of. Take your time, be inventive! FIFA of course has to make these yearly releases because of the nature of the sport. Football chops and changes rules, players and clubs more often than I drink caffeine based beverages (that’s a lot) so it has to try and play catch up all while leaving very little time for innovative new ideas or updates.

Let’s face it if you played the last 6 FIFA games it’s unlikely you’d see much real difference between any of them, at least where gameplay and graphics are concerned. In fact the biggest change I’ve seen reported between each is the edition of fucking loot boxes and whatever the hell the “Ultimate Team” is? This year’s shockingly bland and recycled idea is a street mode? Come on we all loved FIFA Street by this shits just been strongarmed in to appease long gone fans, like me. Take a year or two out, fix a few issues, then we’ll talk.

I couldn’t tell you why there’s a new FIFA game every year… Oh wait yes I can, it’s all about that cash money, that paper paper, that sweet cheddar. I’ve never played FIFA in my life as I have no interest in football, but I’m not opposed to its existence as it’s hard to miss the massive global following that the sport and game franchise has.

As for annual releases, sure, why not. The money is there to be made, and if people want to buy the same game every year just with updated players and new haircuts and tattoos added then carry on. If however, you find yourself uninterested in this years iteration and that money burns a hole in your pocket, then you can always use the cash responsibly and join the Respawning Patreon.

FIFA definitely ain’t for me. But there’s something off about that whole franchise, what bullshit black magic convinced people to buy it every single year. That goes for yearly sports games in general. Look at NBA, no one makes basketball games besides 2K so they have a monopoly on the market, and what they do with that power is make half baked basketball games that fans have to play because well, no one these makes these things.
As long as y’all are happy to go for it, but take it easy on your wallet guys, you’ll just be part of the problem if you keep supporting bad business practice.

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