We’re back with yet another instalment of Respawning’s Let’s Talk series, where every Friday we get every one of our charismatic writers together to discuss a new topic! This week saw the long awaiting launch of Google Stadia. A streaming service which plans on becoming the Netflix of gaming. It’s fair to say that Stadia is already off to a rocky start but what do we all think here at Respawning? Are we still interested or were we never bothered to begin with? Let’s find out…

As I previously discussed in an article: Ha ha, nope. The Stadia is a poorly implemented streaming service that doesn’t really work, and heads down the path of removing control over the games you own. It’s Ouya 2.0 and nothing more.

Absolutely not. I live in a village with poor Internet so unless my Stadia purchase comes with the installation of fibre cables, I just couldn’t give a toss about it.

I’ll be massively surprised if anybody in this Let’s Talk backs Stadia, and given that we’re pretty much their target audience says everything you need to know I think. For me personally, I’ve not been given one decent reason why I should switch to streaming video games yet. It feels as if the home consoles are already miles ahead of Stadia at their own game, especially Xbox. Maybe if Stadia had a great exclusive then I may consider but it really doesn’t, in fact at the moment it only has old games which most of us have played. The one positive I will say is that I think there’s potential in the future for streaming next gen games and marketing them towards people not wanting to shell out big money for next gen consoles. Maybe they could also market AAA games on the go but then they’d be going up against the hugely successful Nintendo Switch…

All in all it’s a bad launch with terrible games, a service which was promised and not delivered and is already being outdone by it’s competitors. I think there’s a good chance that something like this will work in the near future but the time is not now and the company to do it is not Google.

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