Ok it’s been out for a week or so now and I can probably safely assume if you wanted it you would have it by now BBBBUUUUUUUUUTT if you havn’t got the new LEGO Star Wars yet then I’m gonna be quick…GET THIS GAME!! Like seriously I am not kidding, get this game it’s outstanding.

Did you play and enjoy the original LEGO star wars as a kid, you remember it being funny and played so damn well with tons of stuff to do and things to collect over the course of three legofied movies or 6 or 9 depending on the version you had as a kid…CHEAT CODES REMEMBER THEM?! Well if you remember all of that then this new version of the Skywalker Saga is exactly how you remember the original version in your head, from the music to the graphics…holy shit the graphics this game has zero right to be as pretty as it is.

Ok let me break this down for you…this is a LEGO game a game about tiny bits of plastic doing Star Warsy things but building stuff out of LEGO and these little plastic dude pulling each other apart as they explode in to tiny pieces of plastic…then you get to tatooine and all of a sudden the mountains look photo real, the sky looks brilliant blue with a few whispers of cloud, the sand looks like its straight out of the desserts in assassins creed origins…its mental how good this silly game looks…no right what so ever…it’s a LEGO game for God’s sake.

There are so many fun details in this game that will reference all your pop culture funny bones…the title screen alone is full of them but the best one is seeing LEGO (and I cant stress this enough LEGO!) ship Finn and Poe and it’s beautiful. JarJar causes havoc and knocks Finn over, Poe picks him up and gives him a hug the n they both stare at each over in such a loving way I was genuinely convinced they where going to kiss.

There are so many things this game does right it’s hard not to recommend it, its has cheat codes guys…what games have cheat codes these days, not even GTA a series of games famous for it’s cheat codes doesn’t have cheat codes anymore but LEGO does and I love it for it. There are some bad things and this is due to it being a kids game at heart, game play is repetitive there are more collectables than all four Batman Arkham games combined (ok that may be exaggerated but not far off) and because of this finishing all 9 episodes may end up being a slog, but the missions have been changed up since the original games. Honestly that’s all I can say that’s negative about this game, I have had a blast playing it so I’ll say it again BUY THIS GAME!!!

Guy’s thanks very much have a great day and don’t forget to be nice to each other.