July has been a big month for League of Angels III; the game hit well over one million MAU (monthly active users) and 197K Facebook fans. With LOA3‘s first anniversary just around the corner — and to show gratitude for incredible support from loyal fans — there are some awesome rewards up for grabs, as well as loads of in-game upgrades to enjoy. 

August kicks off the anniversary celebrations by introducing the game’s first Mythic Wings; as well as an anniversary-exclusive Mount, Outfits and new Hero Skins. There will also be updates to the special rewards and unique titles of X-server Hero League. An Anniversary Special Event Panel will also be launched: players can acquire rewards by accumulating multiple logins, with further bonuses also issued based on their achievements throughout the past year.

From now to August 15th , access an Anniversary Exclusive Package using the code LOA3NEWBIE2019 (one use per player).

As the celebrations get underway, Fortuna, the Angel of Fate, arrives in LOA3 as a New Mythic Hero (July 29 – August 1). She was one of the earliest angels from the Rite of Azjora, along with her older sister Thea. Since she got her Arma, Fortuna has given her all to the Angels. She is known to be kind and warm, with unparalleled healing and clairvoyance abilities. Fortuna has saved many Angels in battle. While she is much-loved and favoured by Asherah, the future is unpredictable. During the Wraiths war, Asherah fought valiantly but was caught in the Eye of Destruction along with the Wraiths. Will the Angels fall into chaos without their leader?

From July 25 a five-day Carnival will see LOA3 offer rich rewards for players, including the rare Wings – Heaven’s Envoy. Players will also be able to enjoy an all-new Mount – Holy Seahorse. The launch of the new Mount coincides with a Mount theme event during which players can obtain rich Mount Resources. There are also brand new Relics, Wings, Companions, and Outfits being laiunched in-game and all players involved in these activities will be rewarded with enhanced BR.

Many LOA3 players will have already noticed a series of events in July helping players improve their BR. Make sure to keep up with the 14-day goal to get rewarded with Wailing Gate and Online Gifts. In addition, the Companions Skins and the lieutenant cultivation system are opened to help improve the BR. 

We hope everyone loves the Anniversary celebrations and thanks to all the players for enjoying League of Angels III!