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Feel good

Review: Netflix's 'Feel Good' Starring Mae Martin and Lisa Kudrow - Variety

You may not have heard of Feel Good, it’s a little gem I found on Channel 4. It tells the story of a straight girl that meets a lesbian who just so happens to be Canadian and a stand up comedian, who’s an ex drug addict. Just from that you should be running to 4oD! The series explores the troubles of gender/sexual identification and the struggles of coming out, mostly done in a light hearted tone whilst also packing a real emotional punch. Given the fact that I don’t identify greatly with lesbian woman on a personal level I really found myself feeling for these characters and wanting their relationship to work!

Young Offenders

The Young Offenders to return for Series 3 - News - British Comedy Guide

I was really unsure on whether or not to check out this series, but once I did I watched the first 2 series extremely quickly. The series is actually based on a movie (that you can find on Netflix) and takes the essence of that and turns it into an amazing, hilarious series. It’s based around 2 young lads who are essentially just really shit young thieves with a lot of heart (there’s that expression again). They are honestly blindingly hilarious and get into some absolutely ridiculous situations that will keep you addicted.

This Way Up

This Way Up - All 4

This could be one of the one’s that you missed and it’s also not the FUNNIEST one of I’ve recommended but it’s still really great. Aisling Bea writes and stars in this dramedy that can be found on 4oD. She’s an English teacher (as in teaching foreigners to speak it, not to kids) who’s trying to sort her life out after suffering from a mental breakdown. The story follows her connection to a family as she’s tutoring a young French boy, and her close connection to her sister played by Sharon Horgan. It teeters between serious issues regarding mental health and great comedy story lines and finds a really good balance, and a really good way to tell the story!

Kim’s Convenience

KIM'S CONVENIENCE, by Ins Choi and Kevin White. A Netflix series |  Elsewhere by Graham Reid

This show centres around a Korean family who own a shop in Canada, the Kims. With a father who is strict and a mother who can be shrewd life can seem tricky for Janet, who’s studying photography. Unfortunately Mr Kim no longer speaks to his son Jung, who lives with his best friend Kimchee. The vast majority of the storylines focus around these 5 and Janet’s best friend Gerald and doesn’t take itself too seriously, that often. Most of the time it shows us that no matter how things are interpreted our family always care and it’s gonna make you laugh and smile!

On Netflix


Sky extends Brassic to Series 3 - News - British Comedy Guide

Joe Gilgun creates and stars in this absolutely brilliant series about a group of friends who think of themselves as pretty good thiefs, who’s problems they often try and solve with a heist (and rarely does it go to plan). All they’re trying to do is keep money on their pockets whilst staying only slightly on the wrong side of the law but end up getting themselves into very bad situations. Starring many faces you’ll recognise including Michelle Keegan these will be 2 series you’ll watch in a matter of days. I know I did.

found on Sky


BBC Three - Uncle, Series 1

This series made me realise how much of a legend Nick Helm is, and I’m sure it did the same for many people. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and is unfortunately about to commit suicide however having to look after his nephew basically saves his life, hence the title. Daisy Haggard plays his sister/Errol’s mum and is often involved in the whackiness. What makes the series really stand out is their relationship, which often involved them propping each other up, and the amazing musical numbers they whack out! This is another one you’ll burn through.

On Netflix, originally BBC!

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