Hello! Today I am here to talk to you about something that actually ISN’T video games… for a change!

What I would like to talk to you about is a little show that has recently dropped on Netflix called: Kingdom. Anyone who has spoken to me in the past couple of weeks has been on the receiving end of my recommendations and waxing of just how good this show is. Infecting my every thought, Kingdom is something I put on to watch when my wife was in bed and just have on in the background but has quickly become one of my favourite shows of all time.

Set in an MMA gym, Kingdom follows Alvey Kulina (Frank Grillo) and his selection of Mixed Martial Artists he is coaching through the big leagues including his sons Nate and Jay (Nick Jonas & Jonathan Tucker) as well as Ryan Wheeler and Alicia Mendez (Matt Lauria & Natalie Martinez), but where other dramas would just explore one or two characters and focus more heavily on the fighting than the story – Kingdom sets itself apart by being one of the most character driven shows I’ve seen.

Kingdom focuses on exploring the types of personality trait it takes for one to become a fighter, showcasing a range of characters from the Silent and reserved Nate Kulina, the over the top big mouth Jay Kulina (my personal favourite character) and the rage filled Ryan Wheeler. It’s these characters that set Kingdom above everything else I have seen in the past few years and whilst in other shows I would probably hate each of these characters due to their negative character traits, I find it impossible to dislike almost anyone in the show.

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My personal favourite character however is Jay, a fiery little badass who manages to get himself into trouble more than anyone else by running his mouth or just being a bit of a dick, but it’s the other side to Jay that makes him feel a lot more human and someone I became deeply invested in. Jay will do absolutely anything for his mother or brother, going so far to find his drug addled and prostitute mother, beat up her pimp and help her get clean.

Also for the pop punk losers and girls like myself: This show has a lot of topless Nick Jonas fighting and kissing dudes… So that’s well worth a watch in itself.

Admit it, you would stare at yourself too

I honestly didn’t expect myself to become so invested in this show and whilst I have yet to come to the end of it as of yet, I am totally hooked and watching it every single chance I get. In my current lockdown work from home mode I am even wolfing down my lunch as quickly as possible just to be able to snatch 45 minutes to watch “just one more episode”. Kingdom is the first show in a number of years that has had me watching until 3-4 in the morning without falling asleep – which let me tell you, with a baby under 1, is no mean feat.

bit of a bold claim really

If you are looking for something on Netflix that sets itself apart from all the rest and will keep you invested for a short 30 episode run total, look no further than Kingdom. I NEED people to be watching this show, talking about this show with me and showing Netflix and all the powers that be that we want things like this and Kingdom would be worth picking up for a new series!

Kingdom is easily the best action series, and probably best series, I have watched this side of the Sopranos and anyone who has a slight interest in MMA or just TV in general should be watching this!