This top five was pretty easy to put together as I really hadn’t played a tonne of new games this year. That mostly being down to there not being loads of new games I wanted to play (I spent a lot of my year playing games like Dragon Quest 11 and Sekiro) and nearly 100 hours on my top game! Also, having a baby kind of puts a stop on late night gaming marathons. Anyway here’s my top five for 2022!

5) TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

Unfortunately I’ve only played through this short but sweet game once but it is a truly enjoyable throwback to old school gaming. Complete with really fun combat and awesome unique soundtrack, this is not one to be missed by people of a certain age, or lovers of TMNT. I definitely recommend playing it co-op with as many friends as you can scrabble together as this only adds to the experience. There’s plenty of replayability with really fun trophies to unlock!

4) Cyberpunk 2077 (2022 Edition)

A bit of a cheat I know but let’s be honest it was unplayable until this year. I think the main reason I put so much time into this is simply because it filled a gap in between other games but, for the most part, it was a really fun filler. The game is far from perfect and I definitely found myself getting bored at times, I never fully upgraded my cyber body or completed every task, and I definitely rushed the end as I wanted to finish it. The side quests and main story come together for a really enjoyable game, I feel that the upgrades are fun to earn and multitude of different weapons are fun to use. Its got nothing on The Witcher 3 but is (now) a great game in its own right.

3) Sifu

There was a long time where I thought this was going to be my number one, and if it wasn’t for my desperate love of RPGs and AAA action games it would have been. The combat is just so goddamn TIGHT and had its hooks in me like only Souls does and I played it relentlessly until I beat each level. I’m a huge fan of martial arts and this game easily is the best capturing that in a playable format. When you nail it you feel like a Goddamn Kung fu pro and it really is one of those games that’s just fun to run through and try to do better in. It also hugely encourages this as it’s easier the better you do, as the whole thing is based on how many times you die. If you haven’t played this game please go and pick it up, you will not regret it.

2) God of War Ragnarök

I imagine this will be in lots of people’s top three as it’s just a bloody game isn’t it! Despite it perhaps being a bit too big for completionists like me, Ragnarök is amazing in both story and combat, and really does make you want to punch through every chest and find every little green raven! A very good and different continuation of 2018’s instalment this definitely takes some turns I wasn’t expecting and isn’t a simple ‘Kratos and Atreus’ adventure. I’m yet to finish it but I am close and I’ve bloody loved it so far!

1) Elden Ring

Elden Ring! What can I say that probably hasn’t been already. This game was perfect for me in every single way. What really pipped it to the post is that I simply couldn’t keep away from it and the nearly 100 hours of gameplay felt like nothing to me. This is lazy but for my full opinion please go here.

Written by Javier.

Edited by Alexx.

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