Greeting gift buyers, young and old, thanks for coming back for part 2 of my PlayStation Xmas wish list. You can find part 1 here, where I covered Action/RPG’s and platforming games, and definitely hope that this has helped you in the most festive time of the year. Today I will cover indie games, sports games and beat ’em ups…

Indie Games

Starting us off nice and sweetly will be my indie game recommendations; these are those little gems that don’t have huge budgets or whole office blocks of developers working on them. Very often I’ve found myself getting lost in these bad boys and they’re well worth the money…

Rogue Legacy

I’m starting strong here as this is my favourite indie game of all time… It’s a side scrolling, dungeon generating, fun as hell game! You are asked to choose from different heroes with different abilities with quite funny side effects. The game combines humour and action in a completely amazing way and should be played by everyone.

  • Age rating 12
  • £10

Overcooked 1 or 2

This is a game that really needs to be played with someone else but will provide you with maximum coop fun. The idea is simple, fulfil restaurant orders whilst maintaining your kitchen… However the kitchen can be two trucks that keep separating, or a ship that rocking back and forwards etc etc. essentially it isn’t easy but is extremely fun!

  • Age rating 3
  • £18 – £20

The Church in the Darkness

I reviewed this game at an 8 this year, and with good reason! Taking place in a cult camp in South America, you’re tasked with finding a young man who has taken up with some religious nuts and when you get there it seems to be more of a military set up. With a top down view and testing your nerve/stealth skills, this is a really good ‘pick up and play’ game.

  • Age rating 16
  • £15.99

Sports Games

Next up are the games that everyone enjoys, even if it’s just for half an hour. Very generally speaking, a lot of us have a relative interest in sports, even if it’s just the Olympic games. With plenty of time over Christmas, perhaps you can refine or learn new skills in these sporty titles!


Easily one of my top games of the year, FIFA 20 is an absolutely sublime entry to the series. Making career mode much deeper, adding more game modes to vs and adding a whole new Volta football mode this one definitely gives you a bang for your buck. I particularly have enjoyed career mode and online co-op seasons, EA have outdone themselves for once.

  • Age rating 3
  • £45

Rocket League

This one’s a little different for a sports game and has achieved a huge cult and eSports following. The aim of the game is playing football with little cars that can flip and speed around in an enclosed arena. It’s awesome for dumb fun or true competition.

  • Age rating 3
  • £15.99


This whole game takes place on a huge mountain range and the aim is to compete in and win races of various sports in the mountain ranges (snowboarding, parachuting, skydiving, skiiing etc etc) as you do better you unlock different races and competitions. The gameplay is pretty solid and this is perfect for any adrenaline junky.

  • Age rating 12
  • £21

Beat-Em-Ups and Brawlers

Lastly on this list of lists is the games you’ll want to get after your great Aunt has had too much to drink and has decided to give you a life lecture, beat em ups. Sometimes Christmas is great but other times you just need to beat someone’s face in so let’s dive in!

Tekken 7

The king of Iron fist tournament is back with a bang offering a hugely competitive online mode, a story mode and couch modes (as always). This is my personal favourite of all the fighters as it just looks great and has the tightest controls. Also with DLC characters such as Negan from walking dead and Noctis from final fantasy there’s plenty to enjoy.

  • Age rating 16
  • £20

Injustice 2

You may not know much about the Injustice games, they use the Mortal Kombat system and follow the story of the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman going rogue. Superman leads the bad guy charge and everyone you can think of gets involved. Number 2 introduces and awesome gear system where you can take part in 100’s of fights to unlock more gear for your favourite character. This is the best hero fighting game out there.

  • Age rating 16
  • £20

Soul Calibur VI

I’m not great at this series but I find them really fun to mess around on. They’re a bit different as everyone’s primary attack is focused around a weapon so it’s not just hand to hand. Also there’s a huge variety of customisation options available and Geralt from the Witcher 3 is a playable character!

  • Age rating 16
  • £18

Thanks for reading peeps; I hope this will marginally help you with your gift ideas. Stay tuned for part 3!

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