As an adult who has responsibilities such as a full time job, I do find that there are moments where you’ll get snippets of time to play games; you don’t always get those 5 hour long sessions or entire days to sit in your pants and spend solo time with your console of choice… This means games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Skyrim aren’t necessarily a go-to for timestrained people such as me. As such, I’ve written my top 10 games to play when you’re timepoor… Hopefully this helps out you hard working people and parents a little more!

10) Kingdom Hearts

Thankfully, Kingdom Hearts breaks away from traditional JRPGs by providing levels that lend themselves well to an hour or so at a time due to their structure, despite it being a long old JRPG. You can treat each title as a bitesize game as each section of the story only tends to take an hour or so, meaning these games have the perfect pick-up-and-play nature!

9) Thumper

VR is required, so ensure you’re all set beforehand! To be honest a lot, of VR games are good in short bursts as they’re pretty short anyway, so they lend themselves to extremely minute play sessions over longer stretches of time; Thumper is a fantastic pseudo-rhythm game that you definitely need to check out.

8) Any Telltale game

In case you haven’t played a Telltale game these are set up as episodes, and most of them play out in 5 episode parts, with each able to be completed in a couple hours.They’re really good for a relaxed bitesize gaming that’s accessible to anyone; just treat it like a good ol’ episode of telly!

7) Candy Crush

Although I’m what one would consider a ‘proper’ gamer, I bloody love me some Candy Crush – Any sort of mobile experience could’ve made this place in the list, but I’m extremely far on the soda saga and it’s most definitely a game for when you’re timepoor… Or taking a shit…

6) Grand Theft Auto (Any title in the series)

Just go and piss about. No need for deeep vast exploration, just see how long you can survive the police without getting wasted! Alternatively, GTA Online has a host of quick and easy to beat gamemodes such as the new Arena War content, missions and wacky Halo 3-style races!

5) Crash Bandicoot / Spyro

Does this need to be explained? Go on, smash out a quick level or two, get on with your day. SORTED. These two Sony mascots are legendary in their own right for being fun and somewhat challenging platformers, but don’t let that be too daunting – They’re extremely accessible and fun to boot!

4) Hotline Miami 1 or 2

If you haven’t played these games you definitely should. They’re played the same as the original GTAs, top down, and are extremely violent. The aim is to go in a building and get through all of the bad men inside, if you’re seen they’ll all come and merc you – Thankfully, it’s a series of games that can be played in as little as 5 minutes if you want a quick go.

3) Tekken

Pick it up and have an online match or computer battle; same for any current beat em up, Tekken is just one of my faves – Wether or not you’re a fresh newbie or a seasoned Tekken pro, Tekken is always fun for any amount of time; again, similar to Candy Crush, any fighter could have made this list… But I just had to feed into personal bias…


Any FIFA – Couch coop or online, this is a great game if you’ve only got half an hour free, as you can always squeeze in a quick game! Due to the frantic and random nature of football, FIFA always remains fresh in my mind just for that competitive edge it offers – Even moreso with mates!

1) Rogue Legacy

This game is a fucking gem and I keep touching on it in different pieces – You can literally play it for 10 minutes if you’re super time stretched; you die over and over, and this doesn’t take very long, but it’s always fun and you want to keep going back. The whole point is that you get slightly better each time. You need to progress through a castle which is packed full of enemies but must keep going to earn more coins and slowly upgrade your hero. This is my perfect timepoor game and always goes on if I have half an hour free.