I am such a huge fan of Marvel. Both the Cinematic universe and comics. My comic book subscription runs me about £100 a month and I have even recently been known to count that as “necessary expenditure” when we were applying for a mortgage.

I am obsessed with them, especially anything featuring any of the Spider-Family or the Avengers main cast. So you can imagine how hyped I was for Square Enix’ Avengers Game, and after the success and critical acclaim of the recent outing for Spider-Man on PS4, the hype train just derailed and went through a mountain for me.

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It is with a heavy heart then that… I have absolutely nothing to say about the Avengers game. I REALLY want to sit here and wax lyrical about how it’s already my game of the year, about how it makes me feel like an Avenger. How I loved everything about it and every character featured.

But I can’t.

I can’t even sit here and tell you how bad it is, I can’t say it’s a terrible game or that it squanders everything good about it.

Because it doesn’t…

The Avengers game is a video game that has the Avengers in it. That is everything I have to say on the game and I think that’s potentially the worst thing this game could have done. It just exists and it’s disappointed me more than I can illustrate.

In the world of media I would rather hate something with a passion so I can at least SAY things about it than nothing it but the Avengers game just doesn’t draw any reaction from me whatsoever… You can see on my stream (here) that within 10 minutes of playing the game, I was checking my phone.

“Remember the safe word is gamma”

I don’t understand how being the Incredible Hulk and beating the crap out of Abomination can illicit absolutely no reaction from me but it just doesn’t.

I am so disappointed in you Avengers. I HOPE like Destiny you become something better given the time required for Live Service games such as these.

But for now, I will not be purchasing you and I am devastated by this.