I have a strange relationship with the Watch Dogs games, I absolutely adore the premise but find that the games have fallen down when it comes to the actual execution of the games. Watch Dogs 1 oversold the premise somewhat and then when it came to the actual execution – the game just took itself way WAY too seriously to a point where after a couple of hours the game just wasn’t very fun.

Watch Dogs 2 somewhat overcorrected and leant very heavily into the fun side of everything – the problem I have with the game though is that after about 50% of the games total length, I found myself replaying the same missions over and over again and whilst it was still fun – the monotony settled in and the game took me around 2 years to actually muster up the energy to complete.

“We get it Clive.. you love The Who”

WHY IS IT THEN? That I am really excited for Watch Dogs: Legion? I don’t know what it is but everything that I see about the game has me super excited and willing to get hurt all over again. PAST EXPERIENCES BE DAMNED I SAY! I was super excited about the other two and stung twice but I am so ready to get hurt all over again by the London based sequel.

This could be, in part, due to the fact that I wholeheartedly trust Ubisoft to refine and deliver on their sequels or update their games to a point where they become absolutely fantastic. I think back to the Original Assassins Creed or the Vanilla drop of Rainbow Six Siege and how over the years these became two of my favourite games on the PS4, with Odyssey becoming one of my favourite games of all time.

Looks deadly, but it’s actually cake icing

Its this blind hope that leads me to believe that Ubisoft could finally deliver on their vision of what Watch Dogs truly needs to be and has me sat there with the Limited Edition version of the game sat in my Amazon Cart just waiting for release day.

Also – Just a note to say that adding Stormzy to the game was one of the coolest things Ubisoft could do as I am fully hype when it comes to anything that Big Michael touches in 2020.

No jokes here, just bask in his majesty

What do YOU think of the upcoming Watch Dogs game? Excited by it or simply couldn’t give a damn? Let me know in the comments below!